The Corporations Are About To Win – Praise Jesus!

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We learn that the South Carolina legislature has postponed debate on new tax cuts. One of the measures being debated “…encourage wealthy people to invest in start-up South Carolina companies, and to encourage companies to locate or expand headquarters here.” Corporations simply need more tax cuts. And really, who cares if GE paid no taxes on their profits or if Boeing gets hundreds of millions of dollars in incentives from SC? Who? We can always say it’s the union’s fault, cut social programs and further destroy the public education system. Praise Jesus!

It’s not like Gov. Nikki Haley hasn’t stated that she wants businessmen, ie corporations, to run the government. And it’s not like we haven’t already seen what putting the fox (Wall Street) in charge of the henhouse (The Treasury and Federal Reserve) brings us (Almost the second Great Depression). So, don’t worry about it as you vote Republican every year. Praise Jesus!

Because, as long as you can force a woman to have a child she can’t afford, you are doing the Lord’s work. Of course, just yesterday you were complaining there are already too many single mothers on welfare. You voted to cut all those welfare programs and get all those welfare queens out of your tax dollars. Who cares if your vote forces more children into poverty, and with no government assistance they will starve to death. That’s not your problem. Praise Jesus! You’re a good Christian.

You’re a Patriot and a God-fearing person. When our men and women come home from war you are the first one to cheer them at their parade. Except, when you give corporations control of everything, including parking meters, that parade cannot occur unless you pay the corporation money. So much for patriotism. You see, corporations have no patriotism. Pay American’s a fair wage? Sorry, labor is cheaper in other countries. Pay taxes? Why should they, they are in it for the profit. But, if we just sell off all of our public assets, like roads where private companies can raise the toll rate, it will all be better. Let’s get everyone into the game.

But, you kept gays from getting married. That means you are a TRUE Christian. Who cares if the Republican you voted for wants to get rid of child labor laws. The child you forced the woman to give birth to has a job. As long as those two gay men you will never meet are kept from finding some happiness who cares, right? And it’s not like the child was doing anything except crying for food anyway since you forced it to be born into poverty. Put the little slacker to work in a sweatshop. It worked in the past. Praise Jesus!

You are simply voting to defend your right to own guns. Of course, nobody has ever come to your house to take them away, but, it will happen. You know it will happen because you keep being told it will happen, election after election, year after year, and decade after decade. SOMEDAY it might happen. So who cares if corporations give our lawmakers prewritten laws to pass that only benefits themselves and their profit-margins? Don’t worry that the person you elected appointed corporation-friendly Supreme Court Justices that have opened our government up to the highest bidder. You continue to save the guns you from that phantom specter that never arrives. Besides, they too are Christian’s. Praise Jesus!

And, really, YOU are the victim here. With the War on Christmas every year. The War on School Prayer. It is your God-given right to spread the word of Christ to everyone. Who cares if they don’t want to hear it? It’s easier to just indoctrinate the kids in school since they don’t go to church. Of course, just yesterday you were complaining how the President just SPEAKING to the kids in school was “indoctrination”, but, it’s not if YOU do it with religion. We are a Christian nation, or, at least you want it to be a Christian nation. Praise Jesus!

I’m sure that once the corporations win, when they finally own our government and every service available to us, that Christianity will finally rule in America. Just look at the laws the corporations have written so far – immunity from prosecution, immunity from law suits, less regulations, ability to buy public services with no-bid contracts, mandating of health coverage – they are surely just waiting to write a law making Christianity the official religion of America. Praise Jesus!

Because who needs Medicare and Medicaid, anyway? More slackers who simply won’t die if they get sick, that’s who. Lazy bums. So what if insurance companies have rates so high they can’t afford the insurance. Who cares if the insurance companies refuse to pay on even procedures that are covered. Your tax dollars are better off going to other things, like more defense spending, subsidizing corporations profits, and third-world country dictators. If the people would just die your tax dollars would be safe from them. Praise Jesus!

You are a TRUE Christian and you want the days when you can stone that adulterer to death. So, you’ll have to give up shellfish, but, that’s a small sacrifice. And, yes, while you wait for the Rapture you will once again have to feed the poor, tend to the sick, and love thy fellow man. I know what you’re saying – Jesus Christ, didn’t I just fight NOT to do this?


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    • Edger on March 30, 2011 at 1:05 am
    • RiaD on March 30, 2011 at 3:35 am

    the Hallelujah chorus now….

    very well written

    i’ve heard each & everyone of these arguments from our “redneck” friends.

    slowly we are getting some of them to see the truth.

    this year has been a good one for enlightening minds & opening eyes. we are hearing more often now that the problem lies with corporations and politicians (as a whole- NOT dem or rep)

    • BobbyK on March 30, 2011 at 5:20 am

    Praise Jesus!” all the time.

    Recently I received a voice mail from the ACLU asking me to call my local state rep to encourage him vote for repealing the death penalty in CT.  I knew that Republican Greedhead rep when he was in high school and there’s no way he’d listen to me… unless… Well the only angle that could possibly work is if I tell him I’ve been Born Again, and make the WWJD? case.

    I’ll call tomorrow morning and try to shame him into voting the right way. (Not that Republican Greedheads ever had any shame.)  

    • Edger on March 30, 2011 at 3:32 pm

    lose to win…

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