Tax Revenues Are Falling

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David Cay Johnson, professor at Syracuse University, author of “Free Lunch” and columnist for, spoke with Rachel Maddow about the Republican plans to cut funding to the IRS and the direct impact that will have on the governments ability to collect taxes and reduce the deficit.

Taking the Revenue Out of the IRS

Johnson also reported in an article at, that tax revenues in 2010 were smaller than in 2000 before the Bush tax cuts.

We take you now to the official data for important news. Federal tax revenues in 2010 were much smaller than in 2000. Total individual income tax receipts fell 30 percent in real terms. Because the population kept growing, income taxes per capita plummeted.

Individual income taxes came to just $2,900 per capita in 2010, down 36 percent from more than $4,500 in 2000. Total income taxes and income taxes per capita declined even though the economy grew 16 percent overall and 6 percent per capita from 2000 through 2010.

Corporate income tax receipts fell 27 percent and declined 34 percent per capita, even though profits boomed, rising 60 percent.

Payroll taxes increased slightly overall, but slipped per capita because the nation’s population grew five times faster than the number of people with any work. The average wage also declined slightly.

You read it here first. Lowered tax rates did not result in increased tax revenues as promised by politician after pundit after professional economist. And even though this harsh truth has been obvious from the official data for some time, the same politicians and pundits keep prevaricating. Some of them even say it is irrelevant that as a share of GDP, income tax revenues are at their lowest level since 1951, when Harry S. Truman was president.

No matter how many times advocates of lower tax rates said it, tax rate cuts did not pay for themselves, did not spur economic growth, did not increase jobs, and did not make America better off.

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The full transcript for the video can be read a Rachel’s blog.


    • TMC on March 5, 2011 at 08:31
  1. What fabulous news!

    Here’s to hopin’ this drop in revenue forces those fat cats in Washington to stop wastin’ taxpayer money by puttin’ out fires, teachin’ our kids, and inspectin’ our meat.  A little salmonella never hurt anybody.

    As for whether cuttin’ taxes spurs economic growth . . . well, I’ll just let the Bush years speak for themselves.  Checkmate!

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