Points of Light From Alt News

The right wingers always trip over themselves to say Thank You to anybody who brings up service in the US military.  Like any good American should, right.

Well these are hard economic times indeed and if we can’t bank on a good war then what?

23 cents an hour to build Patriot Missles?


Thank you?  Thank this man.


Sedgwick Maine declares Food Soverignty?  Should they have to?

Drop the raw milk and put your hands on the wall?


Faux News making an issue out of Bush/Obama’s Gitmo decisions?


Is Soros the next Kissinger, Bilderbergerwise?


Rock Creek first story

Police state zero tolerance schools.  Soo very glad my kids are done.


Happy Birthday Bob Dean!  Use of morse code by astronauts and Vietnam POWs.

IDROID download records retained and much more.


Apparently some other people look at technology the way I so.


It should be an interesting June for the Bilderburg set.