Let’s Stand With Wisconsin’s Workers Today!


The AFL-CIO has called for another massive demonstration today in Madison, Wisconsin.

If you’re too far away from Madison to participate in person, please stand in Solidarity with the demonstrators by doing something to show your support.  Buying pizza is always good.  Posting on a blog is good. Organizing your own demonstration is great.  You get the idea.  Let’s do it.


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  1. for the union makes us strong.

    Thanks for supporting this struggle.

  2. Maybe, in a weird way, Walker has done a “service” to us all!  

    The whole world is watching this event taking place in Wisconsin, which should be made into a movie!  I have reasons for saying this!  Some of the events that have transpired are beyond all belief!  We’re talking “tunnels!” And all kinds of other weird stuff!  

    The results of these “bizarre” efforts by Walker have “strenghtend” Unions’ efforts  — NOT weakened them.  Hurray, hurray!

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