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Yes – I was a Hillary supporter for the Presidential election.  Yes – I think she is smart and competent.  She would have made a better president domestically – foreign policy – questionable; perhaps the same as Obama and his advisors. She’s tied herself to this administration.  Still, because I like and admire her – I give her slack.  She is working in the world muck – we are sitting outside in the clearer air.  But, as I said she’s tied herself to Obama Brand policies.

No matter that (and please don’t make this a flame diary about Hillary) – she gets what’s going on as to the foreign tv presence in our midst.  Thank God say I – though I suppose most politicians and American pundits haven’t recognized yet that we are falling behind in newsgathering and televising points of view, and we are eating oil soaked dust.

I watch RT News every day for at least l/2 hour and often more – I go to Max Keiser’s televised spots at least twice a week on my computer.  More importantly, more and more people (not even mildly left) are watching.  I recently had a conversation at the train stop with a nice, nonpolitical woman who is avidly watching RT.  (I didn’t know this stuff, says she.)  I have given up on non-cable news channels.  I won’t go to NPR since they hired several military officers in the ramp up of the Iraqi invasion – no.  Not too much on the other side as I recall – the rational side.  Frontline does good work – and of course, I miss Mr. Moyers.  MSNBC is a distracting noise – giving us the false impression that one of media MOTU is listening to us.  Really, that was only an executive corporate decision “Let’s give them this so they’ll be quiet.”  (This is how cynical I’ve become.)

But Hillary understands more and more Americans and other Westeners are watching the foreign news channels.  RT is where a viewer could learn, for instance, that homeless people in New York have a lottery at shelters to see who gets in for the cold nights.  And right now an enlightening program is up on the Chicago Grain Exchange and world hunger. They have well put-together slices of Russian life as well – travelling all over Russia, focusing on the best of Russia’s culture and cottage industries – no doubt fostering travel.  I want to go to St. Petersburg next year (though because of Tolstoy, not RT.)   During the ramp up to the Iraqi War, BBC and the Canadian Public radio stations were a balm making that horror more bearable, and for that there is gratitude.  But BBC is not as sharp as it once was – sounds tired and trying to please the MOTU (only with a British accent which is always a plus).

So when Hillary says in a congressional hearing that we are falling behind and specifically mentions RT News, she is right.  She has watched it and said it was “instructive.”  In other words, she gets it.  It is instructive.  Now does the government want the populace here to get it – nope.  What she wants is a superduper American channel like these foreign outlets to get the American point of view out.  As long as we continue to send the marines and ships out to oil rich countries – well, let’s say it’s gonna be a hard sell.    

Question:  How do we hide invasions, torture, whistleblower hunting season, drones, the death of the middle class and the rise of a corporate and slave society?  Answer – we can’t hide all of it of course. And why would they put it out there for all to see? (See Julian Assange and Bradley Manning) Thank God there are still good, honest journalists here.  But those journalists won’t be on the news outlet she is proposing.  Nay – but it gives me a bit of pleasure.  At least Hillary gets it.

And here’s a thought:  Michael Moore, Matt Tabbai, Chris Hayes, Glenn Greenwald won’t be getting spots on that news outlet.  Ya think.



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    • Xanthe on March 4, 2011 at 12:43 pm

    so I will be in and out. Clean up work – yuck.  And apologies to all the journalists here whom I haven’t mentioned.

    • TMC on March 4, 2011 at 8:38 pm

    simply because she is amazingly brilliant, even more than Bill, and a fighter. I also believed because of her experiences she would have been a better president. Maybe not as left as I would have liked but she would have fought for a public option or at least early buy in to Medicare and far better financial reforms and regulation. She is tenacious. She certainly would have dealt with the right wing Democrats and Lieberman more firmly.

    She may be doing the best she can as SoS since even though she is “tied” to this White House. She is also tied by it. Obama has no foreign policy experience and it’s been glaringly evident in his inconsistent policy in the Middle East and with the current crisis.

    Where is the American news media is more of a waste than it was 30 years ago. Lies go unchecked by the talking heads, there is absolute silence on the horrific treatment of Bradley Manning while they tell us about every Palin tweet, Charlie Sheen’s latest meltdown And Lindsay Lohan’s latest attempt to stay out of jail for her bad behavior. It’s no wonder American’s are watching Al Jazeera for factual reporting, even their editor’s are now making appearances on MSNBC. Now if we could just get MSNBC to fire that  racist, homophobic, misogynistic bigot, Pat Buchanan. He’d fit in perfectly at Fox News.

    (I couldn’t believe one talking head ask if Sheen’s parental rights were being violated. WHAT!? I wouldn’t let my kid within 5 miles of this chain smoking, drug addled lunatic).

  1. that there was this Clinton dynasty type thing so in the Chantilly meeting they went with Obama who has turned out to be a far deadlier globalist than even the Bilderbitch herself.


  2. Defriend all of your fake friends on Admiral Poindexter’s data mining wet dream come true.

    Can’t afford all that time and effort wiretapping suspects in the war on terror?

    Make it a social norm.  Create a pop culture around people documenting their entire lives on the internet.

  3. and lived to tell the tale!  Bravo!  

    Regarding the news, I agree completely with Clinton’s point.  We have no true news anymore in the US; it’s all opinion and fluffy features, interlarded with a ghastly amount of celebrity news à la Charlie Sheen.

    I watch TV5, the French channel, and learn more there than anywhere else on my

    cable.  Haven’t tried RT, but will look for it.  Do you watch it online or on cable?

  4. in addition to the Bush Tax Cuts, which were, indeed, a part and parcel of the letter!

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