FSZ “2.0” Almost Finished

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So I went all out on the new place.  

The problem with places like “Daily Kos” who make a new place for themselves is that every new feature….um yeah, it’s in your fucking face and you have no choice but to just take it along with the advertising they bannered above/in/popping out of it.  I hate that shit.  It’s bad enough you whore yourself out to advertisers of the lowest kind but working actively to cram their message/cause down my throat?  Kill yourself, srsly.

Here is video of one Daily Kos “2.0” website user’s reaction after accessing the site for the first time:

Yeah, that’s accurate.

To avoid raping any of you in the face I tucked it all away in pages behind the front one of the standard posts/comments/search/tags/blogroll page which is the one everyone uses and likes here.

However, I did add some new stuffs that you can use or not, but it ain’t Java Flash Scriptin’ ya in the face:

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The “Newsroom” has a feed of Al Jazeera English’s YouTube channel with two RSS feeds underneath (no scrolling) of World and U.S. news via Google News RSS feed.  Updating constantly but stationary.

“Top News” is a one-article-at-a-time continuous RSS feed of the “Top News” from Google with a filter on it that excludes bullshit celebrity stories.  Tested that shit during the Oscars, only one story got through the filter and that was during Hollywood’s annual ego stroke-fest so no “Lindsay Lohan goes to rehab” during the usual course of current events should bother us.

The world time is self-explanatory.  I personally like to know the timezones so as to be reminded of when a morning protest in the mid-east as of late might be starting.

Now the fancy stuffs.

Under the “Newsroom” is a dropdown menu of “Collaboration”:

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What free speech site would be complete without it’s own chatroom and IRC Channel on a well-protected network?

Also, links to collaborative writing tools are underneath the chat in case you’re chattin it up and ya’ll come up with something amazingly intelligent or ridiculously stupid that ya wanna work on together. Once again, this is tucked away in the tabs so your choice whether or not to use/access it.

Hosting and Domain Registry:


Canadian Pirate Party uses them and says those guys aren’t gonna take down shit until the Feds take THEM into custody.  Pirates have been good to them thi$ year signing up $ite$ left and right with them if ya get what i’m sayin 😉

Also, SSL for HTTPS as standard protocol will be coming soon so yay encrypted site!

Design Change:

I picked a new theme called “Zombie Apocalypse” because the first thing I thought (after thinking of my survival plan during one again) was “Political Flesh Feast”.  I gotta give a throwback like that in the design, just feels cozy.


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