Class War Coup d’ Etat: Un-Nation of Laws

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Well, the news is already out. Republicans now think they can pass laws with no public debate and without the presence of their Democratic counter-parts. We know why they do this.

Because they can.

Madison Wisconsin is a testing ground for the final battles of the Class War. “How much money and rights can we strip from the People and pass up to the Elites without actual consequence?” They ask themselves, while resting warm, well fed and comfy in their Executive Suites in the jobs the tax payers provide for them. “Eventually all those idiots will grow tired and go home. And, if they get in any way violent? We’ll call them terrorists and use deadly force. They’re broke and hungry, they have to go home sometime, or back to their jobs for whatever pittance we choose to pay them. We can just outlast them.

In Michigan Republicans have decided that they can dissolve local Governments and appoint “Managers” that have every right to dissolve Unions, Contracts and “decide” the budget expenditures with no input from the voters at all.

(Video is a few days old and slanted toward the right)

Why do they think they can do this?

Because they have for years. There was no actual consequences to stripping us of our privacy. There was no actual reprisals for stealing our economy and funneling it up to the top 1%, then giving themselves huge bonuses from our tax dollar bailout. There has been no address of the Constitutional Crisis that habeus corpus provided: Americans abroad can be shot on sight, you can be held indefinitely without charge, and torture is legal because they said it was.

We used to be a Nation of Laws.

Now they create Laws with no process and utter disregard for existing Laws; and hear me loud and clear on this: Obama is no different than Bush in expediting the process of tearing the rights of the people to self-govern away, and handing the power directly to the Oligarchy called the Elite Class.

Today just 400 Americans have more wealth than half of all Americans combined.

Let me say that again. 400 obscenely rich people, most of whom benefited in some way from the multi-trillion dollar taxpayer “bailout” of 2008, now have more loot, stock and property than the assets of 155 million Americans combined. If you can’t bring yourself to call that a financial coup d’├ętat, then you are simply not being honest about what you know in your heart to be true. ~ Michael Moore 3/6/2011

There is plenty of wealth in this Country. They just don’t want to pay you a reasonable amount, so they can maximize their own profits and accrue an even larger percentage of that National Wealth.

There are plenty of jobs, too. They just send them to lands where there is no middle class, where they can pay the destitute poor crumbs to do that work, and they will be grateful to stave off starvation for one more day.

Some Wall Street types (and others) make over a billion dollars a year – each year. How much is a billion dollars? How can you visualize an amount of money so high? Here is one way to think about it: The median household income in the US is around $29,000, meaning half of us make less and half make more. If you make $29,000 a year, and don’t spend a single penny of it, it will take you 34,482 years to save a billion dollars. . . . ~Dave Johnson 2/14/2011~ (from link in quote above – worth the click!)

A billion a year – in one fiscal year you could buy 25 50-million dollar jets!

Now, just how do you protect your right to that privilege? You certainly aren’t going to pay your help more, nor give them the right to vote that privilege away! So you buy politicians. In one year? You could give 1000 politicians a million each if you made a billion for the year.

When the people fight back and want their own tax dollars to provide them with retirement or medical care? You have these politicians make Laws mandating that you purchase the right for medicine from them, and cry “Fiscal Crisis” to gut any expenditures on their social safety net; all while giving tax breaks and research grants to the companies you own.

So, what to do about the pesky voters? For one thing, you redistrict and carve up any oppositional voting blocks. Next, you make it extremely difficult to vote by demanding drivers licenses or state ID cards, and only putting one or two machines in areas densely populated by the poor who would likely vote in their own interests.

If the voters win, the Machines created and sold by the Elites can change the figures, or the Purchased Courts will rule in the favor of those funding them.

There are other ways, too. In Michigan the Republican House and Senate have passed a Law expected to be signed into law by Governor Rick Snyder.

If they deem that a city or township is in “Fiscal Crisis” they will step in, dissolve all Unions, remove all elected officials and APPOINT a manager indefinitely. They reserve the rights to “dissolve” cities or towns if they so deem it “necessary.”

You no longer may have local representation, they will step in and PRIVATIZE your government, contracting out services to BUSINESSES – you will pay your tax dollars without representation so a private entity can profit off your city services.

The real target? Public Education. Long have the greedy rich drooled over the idea that education should be for-profit and privatized. They already have done that to Collegiate level institutions to huge PROFITS, and by decreasing funding for students and breaking teacher’s unions, they seek the destruction of the system that will make it appear they “have to” create another system to replace it. Let me put it this way. If for years, people have been funding, building and riding a boat down a river, and each and every time refuse to vote themselves off that boat and into a boat where its 100 times the cost to them? The only thing left to do is torpedo their boat, so they will have to climb on the pay-for-use one or drown. Legality be damned!

   “We are also honored to be joined here today by another champion of education reform, somebody who championed reform when he was in office, somebody who is now championing reform as a private citizen – Jeb Bush. And we are grateful – we’re grateful for him being here. Aside from being a former governor of this great state, Jeb of course is best known as the brother of Marvin Bush. Apparently the rest of the family also did some work back in Washington back in the day.”

   “The truth is I’ve gotten to know Jeb because his family exemplifies public service. And we are so grateful to him for the work that he’s doing on behalf of education. So, thank you, Jeb.” ~ Barack Obama 3/4/2011

Jeb Bush is for crushing teacher’s unions and taking public education dollars and using them to pay for Private for-profit schools. He is for taking away monies from poor and struggling schools; firing their teachers and giving money to the schools already doing better in more well-funded districts. He calls it incentive, I call it education for the rich only.

They are coming after education, trying to steal our voices in our own employment and make us hapless victims of whatever our employers deem our lot to be… and NOW? They are stealing our right to local government.

How is it Constitutional to not allow people to have elected local representatives? It is NOT, yet the Republicans United for the Elites who bought them pass illegal laws and say its legal because they want it to be.

Anyone who does not see this as a deliberate and systematic disenfranchisement of the People of this Nation has to have a rectal/cranial infarction so deep they have colon polyps tangled in their uvula.

Surveillance State: Check

Extraordinary Renditions: Check

Indefinite Detention: Check

Due Process: Deleted

Bargaining Power: Deleted

Voting Power: Deleted

Representation: Removal Process Initiated

Educated Populace: Removal Process Initiated

Transfer of Wealth to Elite Class: Nearing Completion

Assigned Oligarchs: Checkmate.

We are no longer a nation of Laws, we are becoming a nation of Walls – the walls they are building between themselves and us to keep us powerless.

This is a Coup d’ Etat attempt in a Class War.

They key word is ATTEMPT.

Fight back, rise up,

Take it Back!


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    • Diane G on March 10, 2011 at 18:18

    what you’ve got till its gone ~ Joni Mitchell 1970

    • Edger on March 10, 2011 at 20:02

    Open 24/7/365. Come on up!

  1. then it won’t be long before appeals to the public to “stay within the law” will fall on deaf ears. And really, why should the citizens listen? If lawmakers don’t have to follow the law, how can they exhort others to do so? Things are going to come to a head sooner or later.  

    • Diane G on March 11, 2011 at 03:33

    Its pretty cool when Rachel Maddow’s show is following the script of what you wrote this morning almost verbatim.

    Its about FUCKING time people got it.

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