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National Defense University?

What the flying fuck is wrong with this piece shit standing in front American flags to address us about the retarded decision to endorse the Bush Wars of Error chasing Al-CIA-duh (Islam as the chosen Russia/Cold War replacement enemy for the MIC).  Go ahead divert the attention of millions of sheep while the Chinese factory workers live in barracks on the factory compound replacing nine US salaries.

So the US is propping up EU oil interests now yet did ignore human genocides globally when those countries didn’t have things of strategic globalist oligarchical interest.

Do “we” and by that I don’t mean us but these shithead parasite control freak corporate fascist assholes fully deserve the nu-cue-lar fallout in this exponentially expanding My Pet Goat world of dying brain cells.

Yes, even I, Lasthorseman, Knight of the Fifth Veil am brought to complete raging incoherence upon this invasion of sanity brought into my very living room via the great Satanic tool, television.  I should be recording this Obama address to do the reverse speech analysis but why bother.  It is just more evidence of the deliberate wipe out of “US”, that mere 300 million of the global population who happens to be wasting far too many of the globalist’s own personal profit margins and resources.

from firefly-dreaming 28.3.11

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