The Week in the Wild

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Headlines from The Wild Wild Left…the last Island on the “LEFT” in a Sea of Wildly Wrong Rightness…a Harbour of Sanity for Liberals, Progressives and Radical Leftists – Get Wild, Get Left – JOIN IN!

~Fake consultant asks Social Security: Where’s Our Tahrir Square?

~Rusty1776 adds his poetic voice to honor the spirit of the Egyptian People in We Gave Each Other Courage

Edger frames a warning, full of linky goodness to WikileaksA Warning To The US Government

~Cassidorus continues his series on THE question of our times, how to envision post-capitalism Envisioning postcapitalism: Joel Kovel, The Enemy of Nature

~Diane Gee weighs the likelihood of Egyptian autonomy and democracy with Imperialist Forces (the US) stacked against them in I Know Where This is Going…

~New member Al Osorio grieves for the children of war in If Tamerlane’s mother cried for him, would Persia have mourned her tears?

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    • Diane G on February 3, 2011 at 21:45

    I will do these once a week, depending on traffic…

    and will promote the others the same day I post.

    I should PROBABLY shoot for Thursdays to generate more cross reading for the weekends, when people have the time to peruse more.

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