The snowman: Obama to cut home-heating assistance to the poor.

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For a few dollars more, a few billion per year.

Afghanistan costs $5.7 billion per month.

Obama would rather kill or maim a dozen and a half innocent Afghan civilians per day than help millions of the weakest Americans survive life-threatening thermoregulatory challenges during a savage winter in ever harder times.  At twenty times the cost.  This fits his profile as a “compassionate conservative.”

The good news is that when people freeze to death in their homes, you can just carry them out like luggage, even while they’re shagged in ice.

One must have a mind of winter.  One must have been cold a long time…not to think of any misery in the sound of the wind.


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  1.  Barack Obama also deserves a trial in the Hague.

    • Xanthe on February 10, 2011 at 17:22

    I was thinking of writing one.  

    Remember this oldie but goodie.  Warn and toasty.  I used to think this when I tucked in my son or watched my cats cuddled up.  Good bye to all that, my dears.  

    I go to bed at 7 pm with a book or soduku (I’m lousy) or crossword puzzles because it’s too cold on first floor.  All the animals crowd in the room with me – fine it’s big enough.  Even they get it.  As it is my gas bill will certainly be above $300 or so for January.  What the hell do working class people with kids do.  Fortunately, this room where I blog is warm enough with proper sweaters.

    Some senators have sent “strongly worded” letters to the admin.  Even Republicans like Snowe, Collins and Brown would “join a Democratic fight to keep funding levels higher.”  (National Journal)

    Somewhat on point, one godawful moment I stopped at MSNBC this am just at the moment they were pounding on SS/Medicare as the cause of all our financial problems – who do they  think listens to them – how many villagers are there?  I had just listened to Max Keiser talking about the real terrorists in the US – and here were some of them sitting around a table – a well-dressed blond, a former congressman (collecting his pension probably), the odious Jon Meacham and Harold Ford (collecting his pension of course).  Did Ford mention this in his New York run?

    I would not be eligible for any of these programs – that’s fine  It’s my choice to own this house and I have a small portfolio (yeah, I’m suckin on that teat) – but see with my own eyes many older people struggling to live a semi-comfortable life –

    Anytime you see this:

    Beyond the LIHEAP cut, many of Obama’s proposed cuts will come from federal programs where new incentives and increased COMPETITION could provide the services more cheaply, or where a lack of oversight has created waste and inefficiency….

    coupled with this

    and among the cuts: $125 million from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

    you’re talking privatization.  And with Rahm running for Mayor here – water privatization is prolly going to come up.  It’s cheeeep for gawd’s sake when the market does it.  As well, “lack of oversight” – oversight costs money, no?  they have no obvious respect for our intelligence – none whatsoever.

    Midwesteners understand the power of the Great Lakes – and it is a sitting duck for the unintelligent, unimaginative and morally short-sighted repugnant people that run for office – a gift to hand off to their corporate pals.

    and it’s not cheeeeeep in the long run, idiots – but you know that.


    • mplo on February 11, 2011 at 17:00

    If this:


    really be true, as disgraceful as it is, it’s not surprising.  What’s really incredible, however, is the fact that far too many people refuse to believe that Obama would even think of doing something like that.  My g*d…when are people going to learn that this kind of viciousness knows no boundaries, and that anybody, whoever they may be, is capable of it?

    I’m talking about most of my friends and neighbors here, since there’s no putting it past them.  Were this occurring under a McCain/Palin Administration or if it had occurred under Reagan, the Bushes, or any other Republican Administration, people would rightly be taking to the streets in droves to oppose this.  Not so with the Obama Administration, however.  

    All of the above having been said, maybe people are beginning to wise up to what Obama really is, and are hoping that he falls flat on his face and loses the next POTUS Election.. big time.  I didn’t vote for Obama because I saw him for the arrogant, glad-handing, mealy-mouthed, slithering snake that he is from the get-go, and I’m not going to vote for him this time around, either.

    I knew that whichever candidate got to be POTUS, that they’d continue to screw and betray the American people, especially the poor…hard.  Pardon my rambling, folks.

  2. …The “Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program,” LIHEAP, or just HEAP.  As a low income senior, I qualify for it and have received this assistance for years.

    Since I live in a moderate coastal area of California, however, I’m probably not going to freeze to death in the near future.  But what an incredibly immoral, inhumane thing to do.

    Let’s not take 30 years to have our own Tahrir Square!

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