News from the Wild: WWL Headlines 2/17/11

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Well, holy smokes, its been a week since I last highlighted my friends and subversive partners!

Its been a slow week on WWL, I have been ungodly busy with all things being my husband’s cancer complications, and my son’s flu. Sorry!

This Friday? I get to interview John Kozy again! He is an amazing writer and voice of the Left, you can join us here tomorrow on Wild Wild Left Radio!…

I worried about who we choose as allies, and if it is OUR choice at all, thinking that we the PEOPLE should be allying with our own peers abroad, rather than let the Rich choose in, Our Friends.

I also responded to some Obamabots critique of me, by writing Confessions of a Damned Elitist.

Edger graced us with Is B Incompetent – Or The Last Resort? chronicling the same-same of Obama/Bush.

The Mom Cat was in perfect form reporting on how The US Constitution Has Been Suspended by the GOP with some great commentary by our readers.

Al Osorio brought us another Obama comparison, this time imagining McCain won, with a piece called “Obama 2012 ! An interview with President John McCain” !!

My series of Open Threads babbled about living with cancer, random music,the trials of a blog gone down, the need for monetary support to keep WWL alive and general bitching about the insanity of the world… I got some wondrous advice on some of these……………

From the Vaults, a vintage gottlieb:

Do or Die

Last but not least? Never piss off a writer! Even a saint will reach her limit after the 3rd strike. Heh.


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    • Diane G on February 18, 2011 at 01:44

    I just discovered? Besides pulling all his images from the essays he wrote here? He deleted more than a year of essays and comments from my blog after I fired him…. fired him for having BAILED on his half the work when my husband got cancer, and then denigrating me publicly. So, a little vault action is included before it too disappears!

    You never know about people do you?

    But the boy could write at one time.  

  1. I have had a DNR policy in place with Diane G. for a few months now. This policy was put in place due to vile and mean-spirited communications, both public and private, she made about and to me directly. This DNR policy was the right thing for me, but it seems to have pushed Diane over the edge.

    For the record, after I was “fired” from the WWL weekly radio program for a crime I don’t dispute and a punishment commiserate with the crime – not pulling my weight – I let Diane know I was happy and relieved to be out of the show and wished her and her family the very best. Additionally I told her I was taking this opportunity to quit political blogging altogether and focus on other aspects of my life.

    Since that time I have made no blog post and I have not responded to Diane’s messages. Additionally, I have not been a single time to the Wild Wild Left website and certainly have deleted no files there. (Though, my wife has visited the site and reported back an attack or two.) I have deleted my long-standing subversivetalk email account which I used exclusively for blog feedback and communications with fellow bloggers. I deleted this account because the messages Diane was sending were abusive to me and I wanted her out of my life. Also, I deleted my photobucket account which I used for images to support blog posts. So, I suppose if you click on an old post of mine the words would show up but not the images. So, I have no idea what Diane is talking about when she alleges I deleted a year’s worth of posts. Not true.

    She stalked me to Youtube and left cruel comments on videos posted by my little theater group about people she doesn’t even know. And all because I have ignored her?

    Most recently, she sent a message to the personal email account I share with my wife. Her subject line was “enjoy” and her link was to the most recent piece of garbage she has written about people she doesn’t know.

    Diane just can’t seem to quit me. It’s a bit like School Girl Crush meets Fatal Attraction and it’s way over the top for my taste considering I have never met Diane personally. We have talked on the phone several times about the radio show, but I’m not much of a chit-chatterer.

    I won’t respond directly to the spew she has written about me. Whatever.

    With all due respect, I just want to be left alone.


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