News from the Wild: WWL Headlines 2/10/11

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I still don’t know who sent me flowers anonymously last Friday evening, to finish out my Birthday Week. They are gorgeous, but it is kind of creepy to not know. It did bring a moment of light to the worst Birthday of my Life in the worst year of my life wherein life and people keep randomly kicking us while we are down…. but I digress.

Diane Gee’s week in the Wild:

*270 Billion: Super Egypt Bowl wherein I discuss that the advertising budget alone could feed a third world nation, and why we are too distracted to rise up.

*Boat Notes starts a fiction series from an American on the coming next Flotilla to Gaza.

*Cede Arizona rants about the racist “Anchor Baby” legislation they want to pass.

*Reason to Believe is an introspective look at how differently we behave when supported.

John Kozy’s contribution is sublime!

*A Revolting World

Tinrose adds her personal stories from Tenacatita! This is the story I have been chronicling since last summer – wherein one rich and corrupt man stole a whole village and beach.

*Ghost Beach: Stealth Camping at Tenacatita- Part 1

*Ghost Beach: Stealth Camping at Tenacatita- Part 2

fake consultant adds a bit of poignant Snark:

*Oklahoma Shari’a Law Controversy: The Secret Plot Is Finally Uncovered

I think every other post on my FP has been cross-posted Port-Alliance wide, and I have to go inflate my tire in – 1 weather before work. So, please pop by WWL and check it out, in case you missed anything. I LOVE cross-posts, comments and contributions!


    • Diane G on February 10, 2011 at 14:12
  1. Since I came to this board recently, I have only caught hints and insinuations of your situation so I really don’t know the story other than things are bad for you and your family.

    But I would bet that the flowers are not from someone with bad intent.  Probably the source just thinks now is not the time to identify himself or herself.

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