Naomi Klein On Why Wisconsin Matters: A Classic Example Of ‘Shock Doctrine’

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February 19, 2011


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    • Edger on February 21, 2011 at 2:36 pm
  1. in absurd Federal Pensions? The answer is really quite simple: The Federal Government is a world unto itself and prints its own money. More and more it has less and less to do with the people who actually live in the country.

    The Federal Govt. watches the states cannibalize themselves with amusement. It is the entity that must survive. It has become what Louis 14th declared: I am the state. It leaves the states to fight among and with themselves. It is a total subversion of the Constitution.

    It is a great strategy choreographed by the financial elite with their Washington Valets. And with politicos put into office like Walker in a moderate state like Wisconsin, we are witnessing the clock turned back over

    100 years. Not only do the bankers want to destroy the unions, they want to redefine America by erasing the economic and social progress made in the 20th century.

    Why? Because they now control all three branches of government, and do not need the “states”. The original perversion of the 14th Amendment, the power of the interstate commerce clause, the last decision of the supreme court re first amendment rights of corporations,

    the powers of the federal reserve and the TOTAL inability of the American People to influence issues of war and peace have changed the political landscape and made the Federal Government itself the Nation State.

  2. Why are they targeting the heartlands of Wisconsin and Ohio with the Egypt workers rights false flag techno enabled send me a pizza with a Facebook page theme?  I guess it’s that Chinese curse of saying may you live in iteresting times which most good hearted Americans take as some sort of blessing.

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