Egypt’s Tiananmen Square: Mubareks Thugs Attack Peaceful Protesters

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In Cairo, Egypt today hundreds if not thousands of thugs suspected to be on the payroll of either the police or Egypt’s internal security, on behalf of the embattled Hosni Mubarek, in some form or another attacked peaceful protesters in Tahrir Square and other parts of Cairo.

Paul Jay of The Real News Networks talks here with Khaled Fahmy, professor and chair of American University in Cairo’s Department of History about the unfolding events in Cairo and plans for more massive anti-Mubarek demonstrations  this Friday. Fahmy describes in graphic detail the current events on the street in Cairo, as he marched with the protesters.

Real News Network – February 02, 2010

“Egypt’s Tiananmen Square”

Khaled Fahmy: Protesters call for massive demonstration on Friday
as they resist attacks by thugs

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