Words do matter.

What is the media’s influence on diction and syntax e.g., do viewers adopt the diction and syntax of the medium they consume?  My naïve guess (I could, but won’t go there now) is hellz yes, (high-pitched) “mutha fuka.”  People, especially children, pick up verbal clauses often instantly and in their entirety (whereas by adulthood one’s linguistic and other acquisitive powers, relative to the children, that is, not relative to the rest of our bodies, wane).  The majority of children can easily replay “damn your fucking bullshit” after a single trial of learning, or exposure.  In comparison, here’s a short play from the adults:

(Taxi-cab.  Both men are drunk off their asses)

Gerry:  Norm, you’re a portrait of moderation.

Norm: heh.  That’s funny.  Heh.  Remember when we ran through the hotel naked at Jeff’s wedding?  “I’m a picture of moderation.”  H-h-wahaa!

Gerry: I said, “Portrait.”

The End.


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  1. I know the playing field is lop-sided as fuck.  I don’t expect nuthin’, really.

  2. blog genre.

    Went over like a led zeppelin.  Who can account for taste?

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