Weather That Does Not Move

Most times due to the rotation of the earth weather moves generally from west to east in these continental United States.  Weather radar is the technology by which high frequency signals are sent out with the intent of bouncing off storm systems to be then reflected back to and received by the originating source.  What does this have to do with dead blackbirds.

The following link show a weather pattern which is intense on the radar but does not move.  The intensity seems to appear out of nothing, stay in the same place and then vanish into thin air.  From the crude layman concept of radar.  Radar is a high frequency electromagnetic signal which is sent out to bounce off something of interest to be received electromagnetically by the same antenna that sent the signal out.  So if there was excess energy from some unknow origin in a certain area it would show up(be recieved by) the local TV station that seeks to tell you the weather tomorrow.…

OK, so since president Ray-gun, the Star Wars domination of space itself president “we” have had what is it, two Clintons, two Bushes and now an Obama.

They don’t want a lamestream media visible space program because they are worried about wikileaks youtubes of little green men waving to the shuttle guys.

OK so let’s get back to 29.92.  It is why they need spacesuits.

All of us lab geeks did it.  Put a bug in the vacuum system antechamber and watch it explode when the vacuum valve is opened.  The bug has evolved in an enviornment that has external pressure upon it.  When that pressure is removed the bug expands to fill the vacuum of space.…

Second technical part is the direction of energy.

This is done by massive advancements in phased array antenna systems.…

So that means the same technology which allows them to find your cellphone signal can also in reverse be used to send massive amounts of energy to a confined geographical (Beebe Arizona) area which may have been picked up by the non-informed weather watchers of lamestream media’s channel five weather.

OK, so “we” can direct concentrated energy towards confined geographic areas.  We all know what happens to an egg in a microwave oven and we have been told the blackbirds suffered from blunt trama.  And all of this was two Clintons, two Bushes and an Obama ago.