Sleeping With the Enemy


Well, that didn’t take long. Mouthpieces for the Rabid Right are already howling that the Left is mean and unfair to them for correctly pointing out the factual recent history of the use of violent language in context to the Tucson shootings.

I wrote the story up, trying to paint a broader view of violence as a result of a whole societal fabric fail, I was subjected to immediate and unwarranted attack by a Conservative:

“political hacks on the left try to bloody their opposition while the bodies are still warm.

And then they want the Right to be kind and nice. We are not kind and nice. Not to that kind of opposition.”

Perhaps the problem is the Left is too kind and nice – no matter what opposition we face. The right is ready to invoke 2nd Amendment solutions to anything or anyone who shows the slightest inclination to oppose anything they do.

Under 8 years of George W Bush’s regime, the Democrats were not allowed to even be in the room at any committee meeting, they were absolutely shut out at every level of governance. Under Barack Obama, they screamed for bipartisanship and were given full access. They rallied around Hate Speech, forming frothing Tea Party events and sending people openly carrying AK-47’s to Obama events.

Tine and again, the Left and its very weak representation in this Country curls up and plays nice, hoping to defuse the anger and violence of the Right. We concede the game with 16 pieces still on the chess board, trying to play nice to the Bullies.

We reach out, and are told to submit, we stand up, and are slapped down. We try and negotiate in good faith and are cowed by our own sense of propriety into giving them another chance, while they rail against us in the most scathing terms possible. We are told to reach out to them, since they are half the people in this nation, families of “good people” who are “just like us.” They are NOT like us… but perhaps we need to be more like them, willing to utterly crush and demonize any opposition.

Thus far, playing the codependent abused spouse routine has not worked very well for us, in fact our own complicity has destroyed any possibility of any Leftward movement in this nation, and cemented the march into Right-wing Fascism.

PhotobucketEven as some denounce the craziest, the Hannities, Coulters, Malkins, Becks, Limbaughs, O’Reillys, and Palins at times, they are the first to jump to the defense of these allies they have allowed to represent them at any sign of criticism of those individuals or the Party which they represent.

Our voices have been crushed in the press, out numbered so much that even a few centrists on MSNBC are demonized as “too Liberal.”  They speak freely about “targeting, reloading, and taking out” elected officials. They speak the same about “activist judges” even on a court stacked fully to the Right as our own SCOTUS. Nothing short of a fully fascist neo-con agenda will suit them, nothing short of a fully neo-liberal, deregulated business supplicating economy will suffice. No matter how calmly a Leftist points out their position, they are struck with bludgeoning rhetoric which ultimately rises to violent, fear-invoking diatribe.

The real question is, considering how much abuse the Left has endured in the last few decades, why the fuck are we NICE to that kind of opposition?

Where did our collective cohones go? Where are the head-cracking Union Leaders when we need them? Why did we not tear down the barbed wire topped “Free Speech Zones” while we were protesting the illegal invasion of Iraq based on blatant lies?

I ask in all seriousness what would the Right, let alone Tea Baggers have done if we put their protests behind fences surrounded by armed guards?


Blood would have run in the streets is what.

A media that would call for armed insurrection against the Left who put them there.

We on the Left somehow accept that.

Using the tool of Jon Stewart’s call to sanity – even the mildly reproachful speech of Kieth Olbermann was tamed to “not say mean things” about Beck or any of the Fox hate spewers.

Yet now, we are reprimanded for objecting to the actual calls to violence that have resulted in actual violence time and again by right-wing whack jobs, and to suspend our reason and consider those actions to have happened in a vacuum.

You know what?

I don’t want to play kind and nice with the Right anymore. I will not sleep with the enemy. If they come for me armed, I shoot back, in terms both rhetorical and real.

The Far-Left is made of the roots of REAL Patriotism, for restoring a Nation to by and for the People, not for the Corporate Rapists and their Violence spewing brown shirts sent to enforce it.

They are willing to use any means necessary to destroy any resistance to the encroaching fascism and insanity imposed on our increasingly impoverished Nation.

We should be just as willing to stand up for ourselves, for our right to self-determination, for our rights not to be starved slowly by extraction capitalism, for our right to a society that does not abandon its sick and suffering, for our right to free speech.

They are more than willing to threaten us with our blood in the streets.


They started this cycle of violence. They dare us to speak ill of that fact. They ask us to be kind and gentle while eviscerating us and choking us with our own entrails.

I don’t know about you, but I am not about to tip my chess piece anytime soon.

And I certainly will not sleep with the Enemy.

I’ve seen what Right-wingers are capable of, and I have seen how their enablers try and make us submit to their right to be bat-shit crazy killers.

At Bagram


In Iraq, time and again.



In Israel.


In Afghanistan

afghani dead burning

In Germany.


In the US time and again from long ago, to Tiller and Loughner.




I will not enable the enemy.

The Right is my Enemy.

And I will not make nice.

There can be no Peace with Monsters running the World.

They start every War, including the one we find ourselves in today on our own very soil.

I won’t back down. I don’t want violence, but by God, I will not allow violence to be done me or mine.

They started it, will you sleep with your enemy or will you finish him?

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    • Diane G on January 11, 2011 at 15:04

    and I’m not ready to make nice with torturers, murderers, or their mouthpieces.

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