Last Horsie Rides

In spite of popular sentiment in the alternative news network I HAVE NOT gotten “the call” to saddle up the Apocalyptic Horses.  I also have no idea why not.……………

Again, I have no idea.  My generation at least only had one Vietnam.  The only big threat was simplicity of Cold War nuclear annihilation, that’s it.   Not like toady with major new threats every ten seconds.

Oh, here we go.

Drop the bagel and put you hands in the air!…

This morning WBZ was quick to point out the study which linked the MMR vaccine to autism was a bogus discredited story.  Know what?  I don’t care, this lamestream point is irrelevant.  What I do know is that people heavily invested in the big pharma industry recently promoted road stops, quarrantines and martial law over a unicorn flu scare which killed neither flu shot recipients nor flu shot deniers.  There is that denier word again.

Did I “play with” mercury as a kid?  Didn’t we all in the Mr Science moon race age?  Then again I didn’t go through the modern vaccine series our current compliance generation is getting.  I was never told by TV,radio,magazines to “ask my doctor for” nor was I asked to sign those bogus medical record privacy statements.  We didn’t need social engineering or micromanagement to get along.