Jared Loughner, Post-Modern Assassin

Jared Loughner
Why is this man smiling?

Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t smile.

Sirhan Sirhan didn’t smile.

James Earl Ray didn’t smile.

But unlike all the others from Brutus to John Wilkes Booth to Lee Harvey Oswald…

Jared Loughner is a post-modern assassin, and for him…

It’s all just a joke.

..and that’s the essence of post-modernism.

Meanwhile, back at the White House, Barack and Michelle Obama were “expressing their grief” by standing on the White House lawn for a “moment of silence,” with their hands over their hearts, in front of a mob of photographers.



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    • RiaD on January 11, 2011 at 22:25

    much of the problem is the breakdown of the education system in the last 50+ yrs. teachers being required to have students perform at a certain level as opposed to learning a certain amount of material. teachers have been put in the position of teaching kids w/o the backing of parents (usually), required to pass students up a grade as “social promotion” & with the added burden of admin deciding what they are to teach & required an exorbitant amount of paperwork as “proof”!

    along with this there has been a shift in several several things:

    ~ family unit- there is no longer a guiding adult home most of the time; it takes dad & mom working, sometimes more than 1 job each, to make ends meet.

    ~ because of the shift in family economic earnings kids are plopped in front of media (tv, movies, computers, ipods) as babysitters from a young age… not having discussions w/adults (why do you think that happened? what could they have done differently? type questions) they are learning about the things they are seeing/absorbing with no input as to right/wrong they are left to draw their own conclusions, often mistakenly.

    is it any wonder that they see life as a video game & do not really understand that guns kill… that you don’t get to reboot & try again?

    • Edger on January 11, 2011 at 23:34

    without the capacity to understand, or the capacity to form the intent to make, a political statement, whom people all over the political spectrum are using to try to score political points of their own.

    • RiaD on January 12, 2011 at 01:54

    a better question would be why did media start out portraying his image as a DFHboy smokin pot showing long hair pictures & switched to skinhead mode.

    are either true?

    none of us have any real idea of this kid or his problems.

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