Is This Legal Or Illegal Speech?

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Aerial View of Washington D.C.

Citing the controversial “crosshairs” image formerly posted on Sarah Palin’s PAC website, Rep. Robert Brady (D-Pa.) is planning to introduce legislation that will make it a federal crime to use symbols or rhetoric that appears to threaten members of Congress.

“I want to protect our congresspeople in a way that they can’t put a crosshair on us and they can’t put a bull’s-eye on us,” Brady told Fox News. “Whoever does it should know it’s going to be illegal to do it.”…

I ask this because of a law being proposed to ban “crosshairs” imagery that appears to threaten members of congress.  The above imagery seems to be threatening ALL members of Congress, the Judiciary, and the Executive branches as well.

Could I serve consecutive life-sentences for posting it?  Even if the point was to discuss whether or not this imagery is free speech that would be illegal under this proposed new legislation?

Here’s the thing, it should be legislation on political campaigns enforced by the FEC on those running for office who do it, not on “We The People”.  By passing this law the government believes that I, a fucking schmuck from Long Island, have such a huge influence on the behavior of all Americans that somebody might be…um….”inspired”(?) to get hold of a WW2-era bomber plane and drop bombs on Washington D.C. because I supplied the images.

Ah well, still got my words right?  

I urge you to get your hands on a WW2-era bomber, fly it over D.C., and carpet bomb the entire place…..with Jello.



  1. Ya gotta give it up for Oscar Wilde-like wordplay like that.

  2. dropping a bag of flour on the Bay Bridge for the sole purpose of exercising the HazMat teams.  Compared to Hunter Thompson, he was relatively in charge of himself (sober), if a little more “squirrely’ in his get-up of overcoat, fedora, shades, and tennies compared to Thompson’s yachting duds and pipe.  I swear, I didn’t understand a single fucking word Thompson said.  He was blotto’d.  Oh wellz.  Biafra made some extremely thoughtful points, relatively speaking.

    • TMC on January 13, 2011 at 17:46

    there is a double standard. Some of the calls for violence that have been made by Ms. Palin, Ms. Bachmann and Ms. Angle would have gotten you or I arrested and possibly have our butts sent to Guantanamo. In most European, Middle East and Asian countries these “ladies” would have been arrested. I do know in France they would have but, then, in France they probably wouldn’t have said it in the first place..

    I’m a gun owner and I have federal and NYC carry permits. I haven’t carried in the last 8 years or so. It was for personal protection and it’s the reason I keep them. I don’t condone violence or the threats of violence.

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