I Know Where This is Going….

and I doubt very much its where our little dream would have it go. Yet, anyway.

Lets face it, its already a United Elites of America World. We run the joint, and run it like rum-running gangsters. I mean, seriously dudes, you cannot throw a dart randomly and NOT HIT some ratbastard dictator we have propped up for playing poker with us.

Mr. Cheney’s new Prize Pupil, President Peace Prize certainly isn’t going to demand anything resembling full-on Democracy when an F-18 can suck down 20 gallons of fuel a SECOND. Seriously. There’s no way in hell we are going to risk the Lefty Pinko Arab masses think they can have a piece of the wealth from all OUR oil under their Sand.


The US needs a playah who will be willing to be our huckleberry, a second to our Saudi Sweethearts, you know, Bush’s favorite lip lock taxi service out of Dodge.

The Arab world knows full well, up close and personally  what the average American hasn’t a clue about. The British Empire occupation of them never ended, it just got handed to a bigger, badder Pit Boss. The U.S.

And we know what they need. More Foreign Investment. Open those doors wider because neo-liberal Capitalism really works! For us, anyway. And your Kings. Its not really Democracy unless we give all you ingrates the opportunity and choice to work for Nike and eat at McDonalds-Egypt.

That’s real freedom. Trust us, we know.


With all those Copts and Muslims, men and women marching together to overthrow Mubarak you people are making it seriously difficult to use the skeery “Muslim Brotherhood” to make our God-fearing perverts want to kill you for da Jezuz. Like their women, you can do anything in the name of God, as long as you know your place. You are to be subservient dig?

Real Democracy would, like, totally fuck that up. Our version of Democracy is the moat around the Palace keeping the servants from their Masters.

Worse? It just might give our own people ideas. The US isn’t fond of ideas. In fact, if you have any ideas you cannot even enter the Country!


Real Democracies place people first, and in our minds that equals Communism. We cannot have that. We don’t want our people invested in the sausage making, we just want them to buy the sausage.

So my thinking is this. Our Military Industrial Complex is getting blue balled lusting after places to sell more product. Its actually perfect timing. There is all that Social Security commie pinko money that has yet to be tapped. Military Contracts must be funded in War Time!

So, I think the Empire is going to strike back. I mean the last time Arabs tried to fight against hegemony, they got their asses handed to them. We still have that pitbull on our leash, and there is a lot of Prime Real Estate they haven’t been offered yet. Not that being offered some matters. We hedge both sides of our bet, we own all the players we LET come to the table.

We cannot let what Chomsky calls a dangerous example to flourish. I think the Planetary PTB are going to have themselves a nice sit down and not only crack down on us, but make sure we cannot communicate with one another.

Now? I could be wrong.

Maybe we are on the verge of a Global Revolution.

Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Slovenia, France and Lithuania.

Holy fucking whack-a-mole.

All the Gypsies want in the Palace it seems…. this could be the start of something!  But to not turn into just a new set of dictators replacing the last set? It would have to get REALLY messy. Revolutions fail because they never happen in a vacuum… outside influences always stir the pot, and the Palace Guards are well trained in making sure the dice are loaded in their favor.

Hey, I know what my dream is. I’m just afraid to dream it and wake up being dragged from my home for subversion. Truth be told? I think all good men and women hate their Country’s leaders now….  and hate the puppetmaster United Elites of America running them. I hope they can come to understand the people living here do too.

I want real Democracy, and people to begin to act like World Citizens rather than clannish, selfish bastards. I want us all to be equally cared for, and to be stewards of this fragile planet.

Maybe I don’t know where this is going.

Do you?



    • Diane G on January 30, 2011 at 16:46

    but GOD DAMN, am I ever thirsty for it.

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