Help Egypt: Info And Resistance Updates

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>>> A group named “We rebuild” ( is currently

>>> trying to

>>> set up radio links with Cairo and port-Said. They also have a mirroring

>>> effort for videos. Come help them TODAY on

>>> #hamradio : if you are a radio expert

>>> #streisand : to discuss mirroring

>>> #jan25 : general discussion about events in Egypt


>> Hello,


>> This is – in part – why we need a decentralized network: so that they

>> cannot switch it off so easily. First time ever a government switches

>> Internet off, but it probably won’t be the only one. Initiatives like

>> is what we need.


> Exactly. And guifi is not the only technology available.


did u see this?

battleofthemesh is a project from born and actually alive in

Rome (a lot of quarters in rome are meshed with ninux) and other country

in Italy. last in Sicilia.

for last node UP&GROUNDED at La rustica (rome) we are TONIGHT at a great

party in Rome at CSOA Sans Papier.….


battleofthemesh 2010 was been at Bracciano’s Lake (Rome), next, 2011 in


Wireless Battle Mesh v4 (16-20 Marzo 2011, Sant Bartomeu del Grau,

Spagna Catalogna)


* Web:…

* Email: wbmv4_aatt_exo_dot_cat

* IRC: #battlemesh…

At this point it is also well-known that the ISP Noor has been up through the entire event. With access to systems inside of Egypt, we have discovered that it appears to be entirely unfiltered – Tor works perfectly, controversial websites are not blocked, and it is even quite fast compared to our systems on other Egyptian networks. As of very late last night, systems from Noor were still unable to reach systems on TE Data or other networks in Egypt. Early this morning it appears that another ISP, Etisalat (AS36992), returned to the Internet (via and we’re working with contacts in Egypt to test any possible filtering and to ensure that Tor is functional on their network.…

Directions for Egyptian Citizens to obtain internet access:…


  1. They’re pissed.

  2. for what is soon to transpire here.

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