“Getting Even” for 9/11, Again and Again


On January 2, 2002, the total number of civilians killed by American bombs in Afghanistan surpassed the number of Americans who died in the WTC on 9/11, but as far as I can determine, no one in the United States commemorated the ninth anniversary of that grim milestone, on January 2, 2011, and we’re still “getting even” or “getting ahead” by killing more and more civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq and sacrificing the lives of more and more of our own brave soldiers even now, more than nine years later.


  1. Controlled demolition of trade center buildings (three) to justify already written Patriot Act modeled after Nazi reichstag incident.

    Larry Silverstein’s unreported asbestos abatement problem.

    Destruction of ancient artifacts in Bagdad and the re-opening of poppy crops for black ops funding in Afghanistan.

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