Camelot Speaks

Camelot is not for everybody.  There is this esoteric blend of spirituality coupled with decades of sci-fi movies you have not seen yet or perhaps something you would instantly peg as new age cult nonsense from the long gone sixties hippie culture.  Accepting as fact “we” have a base on the planet Mars.  Wondering about the solar eruptions of 2012, or the real origins of the pyramids on the plains of Giza.  Pondering the real control structures which indeed rule the planet.  Why sex and it’s deviations rule the media, why media is retarded/evil.  What purpose is served by 147 deep underground survivalist military bases and why are “they” holding back the 100 years worth of advanced super technology that would have fixed the BP Oil leak.

We are supposed to decide.  We are supposed to elect to fix it ourselves and as nasty as it sounds we are supposed to cull our own numbers to save the planet or “they” will do it for “us”.

OK, as far out as that sounds I do submit that it lies on a higher plane that the “debate” over Sarah Palin vs  Gattica Matrix Orwellian sci-fi Running Man They Live dystopia world.  We still have however a large population percentage whose elevator stops at Lady GaGa and that other myriad of other diversionary, distractionary and divisionary bullshit social engineering crap which divides us from realizing our true Godlike selves.  Yup, WE are God.  Each and every one of us.  What is that song, What if God was one of us.  Well, we are but none of us know it, we didn’t believe it, we didn’t practice the Yoda Jedi meditations or truely think all of us are in this mess together.

To me at least it’s credible.  33 sociopathic assholes rule the planet and these sociopaths think they are doing their best for the entire human race.  Normal people would not understand that if they did not have/attract multiple sociopathic personalities and or considered themselves like I do a fucking familial magnet for such things.  You, bless you do not have to ponder such things and reject the entire history of what you thought was truth, Apple Pie and the right and true way.