Birdy Birdy in the Sky…..

…Who’d have thought you were a spy?


Its not easy to keep from becoming paranoid about the increasingly Orwellian creep of our Nation. Losing our right to privacy seems to be the precursor to a Police State. Pouring money and research into Tasing and Microwaving weaponry meant to subdue large masses within our own borders seems to point out that they see US as the enemy. Rape Scanners at airports makes “Guilty until Proven Innocent” the new decree of the land.

Its one thing that the Federal Government data mines our every electronic move, and taps our phone conversations without warrants, but now they want to allow Local Law Enforcement to have that right as well. The latest military gadgetry they want to use on us? Drones.

Ah, yes, versions that weigh as little as 7 ounces, the size of small birds, armed with cameras that pick up imagery from visual to infrared that from 400 feet up can count the freckles on your nose. But they can fly much lower undetected too! Oh, yes, within 2 years, the FAA is going to change their codes to allow these “security” devices to buzz your back yard, so silent you probably will never notice them.

They have already been widely used for border patrol, but at least 3 Police departments are using them in a pilot program: (shouldn’t that be pilot-less?) Queen Anne’s County, Md., Miami-Dade County, Fla., and Mesa County, Colo.

Where is the public outcry? Oh, wait. That is relegated to the gnashing of teeth by the Purity Police for some show called “Skins” that reportedly undermines America so horribly that public demand has made sponsors jump ship, for showing teens doing what teens have done since the beginning of mankind – making out and experimenting with mood altering substances like (gasp) pot!

Some days “What the FUCK !?!!?!!!” does not even begin to cover the cognitive dissonance that reading my morning headlines induces.


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    • Diane G on January 24, 2011 at 15:20
    • Edger on January 24, 2011 at 19:57

    that they are getting very afraid of the people.


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