Ben Stein Says Obama Should Be the Next Republican Candidate For Pres

(3 PM – promoted by TheMomCat)

Stein must have read my suggestion a few weeks back.

On Sunday Morning this AM.

Even the hardcore Republicans are now beginning to see who Obama is.

Maybe some of you techno wizards can get a link to a video up.


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  1. Well actually it wasn’t me.  My wife watches Sunday Morning and there is nowhere in the house I can truly escape the blaring thing, even upstairs, with the door shut.

    They design those things to penetrate 20 inches of concrete so the masses get exposure like dirty bomb radiation.

    • Edger on January 23, 2011 at 21:28

    three and a half years ago, we could have told them this.

    As a matter of fact, we did, but they didn’t wouldn’t listen.

  2. Anytime Ben Stein agrees with me on anything, I have to start worrying if I’ve been wrong all along.  Or if I’m being had.  Or, to ramp up the paranoia, if I’ve slipped into an alternate universe.

    I’d say let the Republicans have Obama, and good riddance, except he would probably win for them (being such an eloquent speaker and all) and throw himself into their agenda with more enthusiasm than he’s ever shown for anything liberal.  Bipartisanship would, of course, go by the wayside, since he wouldn’t need to con his “base” anymore.

    One good thing might come of it, though.  The Birther loons would probably shut up.  Or be shut up.

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