A “State of the Household”

Well, it’s been a long time since I was here at Docudharma.com. In fact, several months. It took awhile for me to even remember the site name, much less my username and password to log in.

Yeah, it’s been like that around here for me.

I had a computer crash, so, I lost all of my bookmarks, documents, music, well, everything I had stored on my computer. It took a month for me to be able to afford the new harddrive and Windows 7 operating system. The series I had been working on for months for Truthout.org was gone.

To further the problem, I no longer was able to afford my medications, so, I went through a few months of withdrawals from them, then even more months of trying to get back to a respectable state of mind without them. I basically have had to shut myself away from everything and everyone in order to do that.

So, that’s where I am now. Still unemployed. Still living off my wife’s income alone. Without my medications. And, for all intents and purposes, a recluse from society so that nothing triggers any adverse reactions.

Only now am I able to look at politics again, and, I gotta say, I kinda wish I was still able to post at DailyKos so I can post a “didn’t I tell ya” diary. Barack Obama has done, or not done, everything I and others that are here knew was coming.

The public option? pffft. Fight for the gay/lesbian community? pffft. Fight for anything? pffft.

On the other hand…

Expand upon Bush’s anti-terror policies? Check! Cave to the GOP on every meaningful issue? Check. Run OVER the LGBT community? Check!

I really have no desire to get back into politics or political commentary because it does no good. The Democrats are cowards and fight for nothing. The Republicans fight for everything that is wrong. BOTH are beholden to the big corporation first and foremost.

Obama’s “hope and change” moment came and went. He’ll be a one-term president for no other reason than there is no reason TO re-elect him. None. The mid-terms showed just how bad he’s damaged the Democratic Party politically with his “fight for nothing, cave to everything” style.

The only hope Democrats have is that whoever the GOP puts up is viewed as being worse than Obama. That’s it. That is what our politics has devolved into; who is worse and vote for the “other guy”.

As for me, I don’t know what the future holds. I’m tinkering with a book idea since I can write it at my home and I figure if J.K. Rowling can be on food stamps and write a book that makes millions, why can’t I.


  1. Means enjoy yourself while you can.  As a Knight of the Fifth Veil this 55 year old born here Boy Scout American suburbanite has rejected most of the American exceptionalisms as fabrications of the secret power structures which have ruled the entire planet for generations now.  I know that is a huge statement but once accepted as true your life may be less dependent upon psychotropic ask your doctor for meds.  Imagine that less stess in not having a concern about shit you have absolutely zero control over!  The military-industrial-intelligence complex’s total domination over you and the intentionally declining peace of earth you happen by chance to occupy.

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