A Proposal for Netroots Nation ? I Need Your Thoughts

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I’m thinking of putting together a proposal to have a discussion/roundtable/panel at Netroots Nation this coming June 16th – 19th, in Minneapolis.

We need to the energy back into the anti-torture/pro-accountability movement. This issue will not go away, as much as we want to close our eyes because it is so painful.

My purpose for the panel/discussion/roundtable is to find ways and start the planning for a concerted effort to get torture and accountability back on the nation’s agenda.

I need YOUR help.

Even if you are not going to be there, I need YOUR help.

Pull up a chair, and let’s talk.

If you were/are going to be in Minneapolis, who would you want to hear from in this discussion/panel/roundtable?

If you were/are going to be in Minneapolis, what would you like to be discussedin this discussion/panel/roundtable?

If you were/are going to be in Minneapolis, what would you like to be accomplished from such a discussion/panel/roundtable?

If you were/are going to be in Minneapolis, what form would you like to the discussion/panel/roundtable to take ?

       Please, I need you to talk with me.

       I need your ideas.

       I need your suggestions.

       I need your questions.

                        With gratitude,

               Standing for justice and accountability,

                            For Dan,



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  1.         Hugs,


  2. This is what would be an important part of a NN panel presentation.

    I guess I’m saying that hearing from knowledgeable progressives is not enough, hearing from those whose lives have been forever affected will be an important part.

  3. Gather all the delegates from Daily Kos, punch each one in the face, and say…

    “Thanks for Obama, ass-holes!”

  4. who has done similiar Panel in past NN?

    I gotta come back to this tonight, when I have more time.

    Valtin, emptywheel, Daphne Eviatar … ?

    How ’bout Daniel Elsberg?

  5. one of the best human rights/torture  bloggers around. Is there not someone from the ACLU or an international human rights org. like Amnesty that would come? I don’t go to NN and am not likely too nowadays. I think one of the problems getting this back in the dialog is that the net roots along with every other outlet for information and political dialog is all directed at normalizing the two legs better we got going on, all activism seems to be focused on supporting the Democrat’s and weeding out the ‘fringe’.

    I sincerely think this needs to be front and center, nobody is even talking about the renewal of the odious Patriot Act, and denial of torture or worse justification now has a d after it’s name. . I think  wikileaks, or any of the activists online who are talking about this are are the antithesis of who will be at a net root gathering. FDL has some bloggers, like emptywheel, who might be able and willing but it’s pretty grim right now for human rights advocates. Thank you for still keeping the torture victims past present and future in our minds and heart, hopefully we will face the reality of what we do.                    

    • RUKind on January 21, 2011 at 04:40


    You want to get torture back on the front burner? Gather all the news you can from Hu Jintao’s visit this week. Then point out the blatant, vulgar hypocrisy of Obama trying to tell Hu to improve his human rights record.

    Bring up the use of prison labor by the Burmese generals and the Alabama governor.

    We The People have more political prisoners in Cuba than Fidel ever did.

    What do I want to see from that panel? A self-honest appraisal of our dismal human rights record and our world class hypocrisy in daring to criticize anyone on the planet about their record.

    We as a nation do not have a leg to stand on when it comes to moral issues. Bring that up.

    Make an offer to the ICC to turn ourselves in for being complicit in the torture and killing of civilians. We have 300,000,000 guilty people here and I’m one of them and so are you all.

    “Good” Americans, like “good” Germans, just look the other way and say “It wasn’t me.” Bullshit. I owe $72,000 of the national debt and God only knows what piece of the American national karma. You can’t opt out of that part, folks.

  6. I’m in.  

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