Will Somebody Save Docudharma, or What?

So what’s happening? Will DD just vanish one day with no further notice?

Apparently Edger was the leading contender to keep it going, but if that doesn’t happen, how about the incredibly hard-working blogger, gjohnsit, along with dharmasyd and some other regulars as an editorial board?

I’m willing to contribute some money, but nobody tells me anything about what it costs to maintain the site!

Step up, people!

The bad guys are winning everywhere, and one less established progressive site is gravy for them!


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    • Diane G on December 2, 2010 at 02:06

    generally like 22 bucks a month for what we do w/soapblox.

    300 or less a year.

    The there is the domain name, (or 2) that is another 50-100 bucks or so.

    Site meter, add another 30.

    So besides the unpaid hours a year of work, its close to 500 bucks a year to run a site.

    Thats it, really.

  1. That’s the question.

    I may even have server space, if that’s the problem.  

  2. buhdy has said, more than once I believe, that he’s willing to pass it on if someone(s) are willing to pick up the ball and run with it.

    edger has antemedius already.

    I have no zero zip nada desire or mental energy to do it, plus, Im kind of three steps behind buhdy and a few others who want to … just go to a different level. I was never much of a political junkie or wonk to begin with either. Really.

    What about Tocque? Is he going to move forward with his new blog concept?

    In all honesty, this is just my own feeling, Docudharma just wouldnt be “Docudharma” without buhdy, OTB, NPK and some of the other originators. Trying to keep it alive on life support and all, just doesnt make any sense to me.

    There are a good number of you, you know how you are, who do have the energy, the spirit, the drive, to continue with a strong blog voice in the sphere, so why not take it on? But make it your own, give it, ya know, an overhaul… a face-lift, an extreme makeover…? DD, The Next Generation. Step up.

    my .25 cents.

  3. I don’t have time to produce essays, but I’m always looking to throw my two cents in a commentary. Like LL says, if someone has the energy and time, they should go for it. I’d certainly chip in with my fair share of costs.

    Sometimes good “vibes” are just too hard to replace.  

  4. The problem, I think, is the energy to make it grow.  I think that if a group blog doesn’t expand its reader/writership regularly, it gets stale and eventually the reader/writership moves elsewhere and it implodes. Some new blogs never take off.  Some old ones die of entropy.  I have no idea where dd might be along this spectrum.

    The cost is not such a big deal, I don’t think.  The biggest problem, I think, is the time, the time to do good writing, to develop well thought out and researched content.  A strong blog needs to have a strong core of writers.  And it has to be consistent in its quality.  People come to group blogs, I think, if they have writers that they like.  Or content that they find stimulating.  Both are far easier said than done.

    I’m just one of the nobodies here.  I originally migrated here from dKos, where I sometimes still post.  I post occasionally also at WITR, WWL, Stars Hollow, Street Prophets.  Most of what I write ends up on The Dream Antilles, but that’s my solo project.  If dd were to close, or change radically, I would wander down the road and see what else there was.  I ask myself what I would look for.  I think it comes down to comfort.  So for me the question becomes, if dd is to be kept up, will it still feel as good as it did way back when?  If it doesn’t, I’d probably leave.  


    • Edger on December 3, 2010 at 04:33

    That’s all I’ll say for now. Stay tuned. 😉

    • jamess on December 3, 2010 at 23:07

    as I have done before,

    assuming someone picks up the DD baton.

    the smart thing to do,

    is too have some “token membership fee”

    say $10 per year per person,

    kicks in after about their 20th comment,

    or 2nd Blog.   (via their email of course)

    hell I pay photobucket, etc. such fees, routinely.

    it’s just a part of maintaining a cyber life.

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