Wikileaks Release: Torture Prosecution Discussed In Cables

A major worry was a torture case brought by a Spanish non-governmental organisation against six senior Bush administration officials, including the former attorney general Alberto Gonzales.

Senator Mel Martinez, a former Republican party chairman, and the US embassy’s charge d’affaires visited the Spanish foreign ministry to warn the investigation would have consequences. “Martinez and the charge underscored that the prosecutions would … have an enormous impact on the bilateral relationship,” the officials reported.

Officials in Madrid discussed with Zaragoza ways in which a US investigation into the same allegations might be opened in order to force the Spanish court to close its own case. “Zaragoza has also told us that if a proceeding regarding this matter were underway in the US, that would effectively bar proceedings in Spain. We intend to further explore this option with him informally,” they said.…

This is some of the worst high school bullshit: “Oh yeah, we’ll open our OWN investigation and then you can’t investigate!”  


  1. there is no government.

    • Edger on December 1, 2010 at 11:12 pm

    The Obama Administration would never resort to mafia like extortion or protection racket tactics.

    Would they?

    Never mind… forget I asked.

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