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What the F**K is wrong with this country? Wait, never mind I’ve been watching it collapse for the last thirty of my comin on 62 years of my life, Questions Answered!

I just got finished watching Meet The Press and the way over the top extremely highly paid ‘experts?’ mumbling about the tax cuts and who hates who and why.

I didn’t hear One mention of these Wars our soldiers are still in nor the countries need to Finally not only ‘Sacrifice, after ten years, but Pay Back What Is Owed For Waging Them, not a mention as to the Veterans Of nor their Families, the Only Ones That Have Done Any Sacrificing as these tax cuts came with the start of these Wars of Choice.

It came on just as I was putting together a post for my site on a just released report on Family Care Givers of Veterans, and boy there is so much more then just this!

Veteran care, a difficult task

December 12, 2010 – Recently the first national study giving a voice to family caregivers of veterans was released, and not surprisingly revealed that they are twice as likely to consider their situation highly stressful as compared to that of family caregivers of adults overall. And yet, 94 percent of them are proud to serve in that role.

The study, by the National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC) and funded by United Health Foundation, found that family caregivers of veterans face a higher burden of care, both in intensity and duration, often supporting a spouse or partner over a longer period of time than typical family caregivers. These caregivers also are predominantly women (96 percent) compared to the national average (65 percent), and many make sacrifices to their own health and jobs to care for their loved ones.

“The family caregivers who serve our country’s veterans are making huge sacrifices in terms of their own health, careers and home life,” said Reed Tuckson, M.D., United Health Foundation board member and executive vice president and chief of medical affairs, UnitedHealth Group. {continued}

Caregivers of Veterans – Serving on the Homefront Report of Study Findings, Full Report November 2010 {99 page download} or view just below:

{You can find a bigger player here to view report so you needn’t download}

Caregivers of Veterans – Serving on the Homefront Report of Study Findings, Executive Summary November 2010 {20 page download-summary}

National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC)

As my head was getting ready to explode, after just posting the above, I got a message from brother veteran Bobby Hanafin who posts over at Veterans Today about a post he had just put up.

Suppressing Dissent: “The VA is not the place to talk politics”

In the fall 2010 edition of the VVAW – The Veteran, I noted something that Mental Health Therapist Johanna Hans Buwalda, one of VVAW’s Military Counselors , wrote that most any Veteran or Military Family who QUESTIONS, let alone OPPOSES the WAR(S), can relate to.

When the VA, or some other government entity, uses these eight words, “this is not a place to talk politics” the intent is actually meant to suppress dissenting views, or cryptic for “if you don’t have anything nice to say about our government, or the war(s), SHUT UP and don’t say nothing.”


Let’s see what exactly is political about the VA.

First we have the Politics of PTSD, then we have the Politics of Agent Orange, then we have the Politics of Gulf War Illness, then we have the Politics of Burn Pits, then we have the Politics of Depleted Uranium, now we have the “Politics of You Can’t Separate Support for the Troops from Support for the Political Decisions made to go to Wars” – a decision BTW our troops, Veterans, and our families had no part in. {continued}

Screw the Politics Let ALL The Damn Tax Cuts Expire And Force This Country Into Reality, you cheer on Wars of Choice, some 70% plus were for leaving Afghanistan to smolder and destroy Iraq and it’s people, You Pay For The Results!! Add even more, that ‘trickle down’ everyone’s been waiting on ain’t gonna happen and the only ones left to ‘stimulate’ the economy are us, even though we’ve lost consumers worldwide with our failed policies and created hatreds by our actions and words!!


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    • Edger on December 12, 2010 at 18:33

    There’s a war? Where?

    Are you sure about this? I didn’t see anything about this on TV…

    • jimstaro on December 12, 2010 at 18:43

    Yesterday I caught a link to what the new chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee has planned. I was going to break it down with backlinks as to when they last held power in congress, I still might. But take a trip over and read it, as you do Think What Wasn’t Done, all the reports coming out and all the catch up investigations etc. that had to follow in the 110th congress, as they rubber stamped these wars and everything connected!

    The power is now in the House, what happens will be coming from there, every committee not just the Veterans, the Senate has more then enough to block any forward progress anyone there wants to attempt, and you can be sure Roll Backs are quickly coming, especially as to Veterans!!!!!

  1. I’ll tell you what’s wrong — they, our Representatives, except for a few, don’t give a GD about our soldiers/veterans, not one iota.  How many years was it that we screamed for them to have the proper equipment that they never really completely got?  How many years have we screamed about their care, only to learn that Halliburton had taken over the Walter Reed Veteran’s Hospital, and the hospital and veterans were found in deplorable conditions?  Just one example!

    The truth of the matter is our soldiers have been but mere “fodder” for the MIC from the get-go.

    And, frankly, this whole society is becoming mere “fodder” at the hands of the greedy corporatists and the palm-greasing representatives in our so-called government.  I don’t even know how we can refer to it as a government anymore — a government is comprised of rules of law, balance and democratic procedures — we have none of these, at this point!

    Thank you, jimstaro, as always!

  2. Why did the Russians want Afghanistan?

    Did “our” MIC need Islam as Russia’s Cold War replacement enemy?

    Where did the Nazis go after WWII?

    Can people be taught to see auras, stare at goats or even to the Darth Vader choke the shit out of assholes thing.  Is truth in the way of progress or has “the Illuminati” been successful in eliminating the founding ideals of America by making America look like the whore of the Biblical Babylon.  “We” are a measly 300 million and there is vast profit margins in six billion who know nothing about American rights or freedoms.

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