Video of the GOP/Obama (Clinton) Tax Plan

In which all the guys gathered around on the roof are the Ruling Class, the “subject” represents the Lower Classes…………

but in this case ….. the bungee cord was built by Halliburton.

THIS TIME, the bungee cord worked.


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  1. to the Machine


  2. okay now that Ive taken a break to … reclaim my nerves (Im terrified of heights/falling) … Ill try to address your use of this in light of your metaphor:  Holy fuck!  Why in gods name would anyone ever willingly do that? willingly, gleefully, then when its all over, ‘victim’ is probably the first one back in line saying “AGAIN! AGAIN! whoopie! that was FUN.” Its almost enough to make me advocate for genetic … oh never mind.

  3. I’ve developed last stage Alzheimers in just 24 hours.  I understand nothing!…

    No ruling class gathered on the roof, no subject, no bungee cord, no Haliburton, not even a video — just a bright blue field…

    And RU’s Walmart Parable left me drooling over incomprehensible googles.  

    …and senseless mumblings!  Was ist diese?

    I dare not imagine.

    But, thanks to Diane, I can relax and know it will be okay if sex will be involved.  That will be sufficient understanding.

  4. …just on the chance that there is something important here which Alzheimer’s prevents me from understanding.


  6. Overton and his Window!  Not the “incompetent” Bush/Obama but a more seasoned Bilderberg/CFR globalist Hillary Clinton dynasty in 2012!  

    If I say there is a 2012 that is.

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