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By now, everyone with a pulse has heard about 69 year old Bernie Sanders’ amazing filibuster speech yesterday. (though not actually a filibuster)

I wonder where my Carl Levin was? Where was the support of the other “most-liberal” members of the Senate?  I will tell you where… hiding in fear of being framed by the hold-up men as the ones who blocked the “little people” from getting their Unemployment Extension. That is America for you, the robbers have framed the extortion so that the people will blame their own saviors for freeing them, rather than hang the guilty’s heads on deserved pike. No, they don’t want to steal from the rich and give to the poor. These people would rehang Christ and have Robin Hood drawn and quartered.


So, why would I espouse running Bernie Sanders for President in this Political Climate?

Why would I, when he his a self-proclaimed “Democratic Socialist.” something the average person fears and does not understand?


It is TIME to run a Democratic Socialist.

It is time to have someone actually stand up (and he stood for 8.5 hours, bless his heart) and speak actual TRUTH to the people.

We don’t need tiny incremental crumbs from this system, we need to change the system. We don’t need Corporate Limousine Liberals, we need a populist, a socialist. We need someone who understands the template of European Social Democracies, and can tell it to people in language they understand.

Trust me, there will be a different climate in the next two years, as street level people suffer austerity. The mood will be ugly, and people will be looking for answers. They will wonder why, with all the tax cuts for the rich, all the things they have given up, why things have not improved for them.

We NEED a voice to be the Robin Hood, to speak for us. We need a LEFT voice.

It may not matter if he wins or loses by that time. If he makes strides towards winning, he may suffer a un-mysterious “heart attack” as so many other threats to the status quo have. But! In the next two years, if we give platform to this man, his ideas, OUR IDEAS, then the conversation itself begins to change… and if the worst happens, God forbid, the people will have been given a martyr.

That makes Senator Sanders truly dangerous.

This all makes Senator Sanders truly NEEDED.

I have a dog in this fight. If the Uniparty does not get its way, we lose every bit of income we are surviving on, and I use surviving in the falling behind like a stone dropped in a well sense, and truly hit rock bottom.

I would rather THAT happen, then let this goddamn robbery for the rich go unchallenged.

I am sick and tired of the Left (me included, in the past) parroting the meme spouted by the 3 fully owned and paid off by the elites mediacorps, that “You cannot run this person, or that person, they couldn’t possibly win,” and end up backing another fucking evil.

I would rather run Sanders and lose to Palin, than vote for Barack Obama again.

At least the debates would be made public. At least it would be blindingly clear that it is good versus evil. At least it would be a vote I would make with a clear conscious.

At best? He could win, and so could anyone who stepped up in his wake, emboldened by the popular support of a Nation.

It is time for a viable Socialist Democratic Party and Candidate. Nearly every other country has one.

The time is now, and now is the time.

It is TIME!


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    • Diane G on December 11, 2010 at 3:48 pm

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    or on his home page

    This IS the grassroots, darlings. This is real.

  1. no time for blogging today, trying to speed read though when I can sneak it in…lol.

    • Diane G on December 11, 2010 at 5:05 pm

    For Bernie? Worth it.

  2. I don’t agree with every single word, but I do agree with the bulk of your content.  

    Why is there such a great fear of socialism, such as European-type socialism?  Why all the fear-mongering for even mentioning the word “socialism?”  What fear that people might actually enjoy a better quality of life and be able to derive more of life and I don’t mean materially — rather, I mean to be able to garner more spiritually/emotionally.  To not live in fear of losing a job; to not live in fear of losing healthcare, to not live in fear of not having enough to eat, to not live in fear of old age . . . . .!

    Having gone through wars in their own backyards, I believe Europeans decided upon WHAT was truly important in life and implemented their form of socialism resultantly!

    Bernie Sanders’ lucid, articulate explanation of President Obama’s bill allowed those Americans, who listened, to “see” reality in its raw form.  Now, hopefully, people can see the bill for what it truly is!  

    We heard the conscience, mind and heart of a brave Senator yesterday, who acted upon his beliefs — it was truly as though we were standing right up there with him, as he iterated his concern for “people.”


  3. Keith Olbermann REALLY covers Sanders!  WooHoo!!!!!

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