Souls of Pigs and Wolves in the Bodies of Men


Glenn Beck now proclaims the decline and fall of America on exactly the same trajectory as the early Roman Empire, but he missed the most salient parallel.


Souls of pigs and wolves in the bodies of men.




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  1. …by Hieronymus Bosch, around 1500.

    • Xanthe on December 8, 2010 at 13:25

    As an animal rights person – wolves especially have many admiral traits to pack loyalty; they do not kill for sport.  And they are monogamous.  Pigs are intelligent and surely suffer when being slaughtered and kept in small filthy spaces before such slaughter.

    I am serious – these four men are loyal to nothing but ego and greed certainly not the American pack, though a case can be made for Clinton’s basic political skills.

    Beautiful painting though.  Normally I do not like Bosch but the composition of this work is stunning.

    otoh perhaps that title refers back to something I don’t remember or don’t know – is it the Beck thing – I didn’t open.

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