Shit-Culture of Art, Law, and Politics

Rock with a fucking hole in it

A pile of shit-law appears below this Wikipedia image of “art” by some idiot.


“To the uploader: please add a detailed fair use rationale for each use.”

Okay! So here’s my detailed fair-use rationale:

Fuck off and die!

And here’s my detailed fair-use rationale for the expression “Fuck off and die!”

Palin copy

And finally here’s my fair-use rationale for Lee Camp’s send-up of Sarah Palin’s reality show at HuffPo:

Public “art” sponsored by liberals is at least as stupid as Sarah Palin, and the whole shit-culture should just fuck off and die.



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  1. Immediately after I cross-posted it on Alternet, they deleted my account and all my diaries.

  2. look totally like the neighborhood where I grew up.

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