Play Day

It was warm for a winter day so we rode the horses first.  High stepping in the deep fresh snow made it great exercise for us all.  Didn’t take the camera for fear of loosing it in the snow.  A gallop through  new snow is like an entire day off.  We didn’t think they were trained enough to break out the sleigh so we experimented with tying plastic sleds behind the ATV until the optimum sled behind sled behind sled proved to be the safest way.  Grampy engineered and of course Grampy drove.

After we got all the kids soaking wet doing this we adjourned to dry off and made plans for the evening fire and a repeat performance with hot chocolate for the kids, mud slides for the adults and then homemade pizza and the pellet stove afterwards.  A great time was had by all.

It is New Years Day. My second grandson is in the dining room yelling Go!  Go!.  It is going to be a springlike day so we are getting ready for the next evolution of fun.  Maybe the ice will melt and become like glass while we check out the woodland trail.

“Give Grampy the phone”.

“Ah doobie wah dis mawa do”

“Thank you”

“Tank ooh”

“Wanna go?”


I can’t leave a key in the ATV.  He will start it but he still can’t put the machine in gear yet.  He loves his Grampy, the provider of sixteen months of fun so far.