Open Snow Leopard



  1. For the Two legged beside whom Snow Leopard walks, what may at first appear as a conflict or set of extremes, may later be seen as a merging of two polar opposites, that when harmoniously conjoined, creates its own magical and mysterious energy that some philosophies refer to as the ~Yin/Yang~ principle.  The key in this instance is the removal of those things which are counter-productive or harmful for the soul’s growth, after the lessons that they represent have been thoroughly acknowledged, learned and absorbed.  There is a tremendous surge of energy that is created when the Soul has truly integrated a lesson, one that is often felt even upon the physical plane as an “ah-ha” or click.

    There exists within the Snow Leopard Soul a tremendous reservoir of inner strength,  determination and the awareness of the ~Shadow Self,~ which they will face with quiet determination and perseverance.  Equally, they are able to see both the shadow and the light of Others, a skill that can assist those who are not offended by their penetrating insight.

    For one who draws this Totem to them, truth, honesty & integrity are cornerstones of their fundamental being.


  2. Mama looks proud. Seattle Zoo

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