Open John Lennon

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Instant Karma, perfect song. “Better recognize your brothers, in everyone ya meet”

But John painted Karma as the monster under your bed that just might tear into your leg…. kind of a great warning, eh?

Amen John.


The best heresy ever, becoming the spiritual anti-hymn of generations, surpassing any known gospel music as the definition of a real nirvana.

Rest easy, my brother, your world-family carries you on….


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  1. I’m not sure if I am, necessarily, though my repeated e-mails are being ignored, and it’s truly starting to grate on me.

    I picked up a warning for a comment there, exactly a week ago today. I deserved the warning for being a little too “post-racial”, perhaps, but fine… water under the bridge. I’ll choose my words more carefully next time.

    So I hit the ‘acknowledgement’ button on the front page, and then discovered that I no longer had the ability to write diaries or comment.

    One week and a handful of e-mail later, Meteor Blades hasn’t seen fit to provide me with an explanation. I guess if I were banned, I’d expect a little more… something? An e-mail telling me to hit the bricks? Waking up to a horse head in my bed? Anything?

    If I knew with any degree of certainty whether or not I were banned, I’d just move on from the DK community, no harm, no foul. Maybe it’s time to do it anyway.

    But I was just wondering if anyone here could tell me what the bannination process looks like. Because from where I’m sitting, it’s very confusing.


    Corporate Dog

    • Diane G on December 9, 2010 at 3:36 am

    My little man is growing so quick! The concert was awesome.


  2. …visionaries and lovers.


    IMAGINE!  Embedding NOT possible!

    I love this!  Yes, it’s idealistic — but we should ALWAYS strive for the TOP of idealism, not the lower rung of it, IMHO!

    So many wonderful songs, filled with philosophies — never to be forgotten.  Exquisite words and symphonic melodies — is it any wonder that the Beatles remain in our minds and have been archived as musical phenomena?

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