Obscure Demonstrations in Daykundi Province

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April 29 2009…

People in Daikondi have been demonstrating for several days, asking the government and international community to discharge the corrupt governor Orazgoni and a judge accused of sexual abuse, Shirzad. They also want the immediate release five individuals who were imprisoned for disclosing information about official corruption and sexual abuse in Daikondi.

There has been no notice by the Afghan government or local or international media.

Daikundi 2

March 8 2010, 4000 women assembled to pray for peace in Daikundi Province, and that’s all I could find out about the image above, although I searched through Google with a whole variety of search-terms, and accidentally learned that 81 women have incinerated themselves in nearby Herat Province so far this year.

A Hazara girl campaigns for Hamid Karzai in Daikundi Province  

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  1. So I’m continuing with my project to post a little something about each of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan.

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