Obama’s Totalitarian Vision of a Censored Society

You may recall that Richard Nixon’s declared “enemy” was Daniel Ellseberg, who released “The Pentagon Papers” that finally brought to public light the lies, corruption, and futility behind the Vietnam War. Nixon was so pissed about this, that he formed his own private CIA-hit team, called “The Plumbers”, made up of CIA “Bay Of Pigs” assassins (and Kennedy assassination participants), E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, etc. to go around and ensure that any leaks were plugged up. Of course, the Daniel Ellsberg burglary, and the Watergate break in then followed, which led to Nixon’s own downfall — something today’s Congress would let pass by without a thought, in the today’s unspeakable age where: Human torture and preemptive War are good things in eyes of The United States Government (as long as we’re the ones doing it, or Israel, or the British Oligarchy, or Saudi Arabia).

Well the Pentagon Papers of today, are WikiLeaks, and guess who’s side President Obama is on?  That’s right, the same side as Richard Nixon.

Obama made a public statement to  Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan where he was quoted as:   “Expressing his regrets for the deplorable action by WikiLeaks“.

Link: Obama Lashes Out Amid Calls to Free Assange

Yeah….in Obama’s World, truth-telling is really “deplorable”, and not our criminal and corrupt Foreign Policy, our Worldwide mass-violence, and his utter waste of Trillions of dollars of American citizens money — who must instead, according to Obama, be robbed of their own Social Security lifeline in order to “keep the debt under control” — while he also hands out over $700 Billion dollars to multi-millionaires, and tells the Democratic Party: “take it or leave it”   (who’s the real treasonist here?).


This is a tragic statement about our Country, but hardly surprising since President Obama has also happily agreed with Dick Cheney and George Bush (his Foreign Policy role models) supporting the elimination of Haebeus Corpus, elimination of our Miranda Rights, elimination of the Posse Comitatus Act, support for secret brutal CIA Renditions (i.e. the outsourcing of Human Torture), broad based Government Wiretapping and data gathering on U.S. Citizens that would make Richard Nixon blush, and the right of the executive to now kill and assassinate any U.S. Citizen without any charges or crimes ever being demonstrated … on mere suspicion alone.
This is President’s Obama worldview.


The President also called Mexican President Felipe Calderon as well to make the same statement as well, as part of an effort to put pressure on Foreign Governments to continue to scapegoat, abuse, jail, harass, torture, or possibly assasinate the truth-teller.

Obama has also turned Attorney General Eric Holder loose to prosecute — not the War Crimes committed by criminal government officals whom we all pay the salaries of — but instead to prosecute truth-teller Julian Assange, and by using “all the tools” at his disposal (e.g.: assassination efforts underway).
This is President’s Obama worldview.


Support of WikiLeaks may be the most constructive thing that all of us ordinary people can do now, to bring about pressure upon the ruling Elite class, and expose their genocidal and monetary crimes.

WikiLeaks points the way to a paradigm where there exists a parallel high-technology channel of information that could finally provide an independent mechanism to alert and inform the public about government policy.  

For example, had WikiLeaks been a mature and well functioning mechanism 10 years ago, we may have prevented the Iraq War from ever happening, and possibly the events of September 11 as well. And at the least, this organization can do what “The Pentagon Papers” did in the 1970s, and reveal the massive corruption, and mount new public pressure on President Obama (and other Governments) to finally stop these endless, futile, and corrupt Foreign Occupations, War, worldwide violence, and collosal waste of the citizens money — before he confiscates our Social Security lifeline and forces us all to starve to death in our old age.  


Which Man Seeks To Preside Over A Closed, Totalitarian State?

Answer: Both

Impeach Them Both!


And now a message from our last real U.S. President:


“We seek a free flow of information. We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market, is a nation that is afraid of its people.”

                   –President John Kennedy


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  2. is my subject.  In the broad non-partisan layman terms terms the very concept of nations is rendered obsolete by multi-national corporations which operate in 169 countries.  The organizations that create pResidents of countries.  The Bilderberg Group, the council on fucked up Relations are the very people who can and do command a Peace Prize for continued wars, the expansion of the techno-fascist surveillance police state and the destroyment of health.  With Bush at least we had that incompetence thing going for us.

    John and Eisenhauer and others like Smedley Butler warned of the military-industrial, now intelligence community taking over.  This is the beginning concept of what I call “The Illuminati” and the Illuminati Plan to destroy America which is twofold.  They want to destoy America for many reasons.  Our rights and ideals are the prime target but also our “freedom to waste” their world resources they could profit from far better by redistribution to other more oppressed peoples.

    Obama is told what to do.  He has about 47 levels of secret classifications ABOVE him.

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