Kucinich’s legislation will return the government’s ability to print money

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and take it away from the banks.  Since 1913, the bank’s have had the power.


“My bill would replace the Federal Reserve System’s dependence on private banks to create credit.  In its place, a Monetary Authority under the Treasury Department would directly inject liquidity into the economy by purchasing much needed public infrastructure repair. Today, we have idle capital, millions of able-bodied but unemployed workers, unused equipment, and record low interest rates. These conditions are the best possible time to make a long-term investment in our nation’s infrastructure.”

Just so simple.  Let the government print the money and spend it into existence like the framers intended.

The concept is so simple.  If you could print money in your garage, would you borrow it from a bank?  Of course not.  So why do governments borrow from banks, when they could just print what they need?  Answer: because the banks own the governments.

This probably won’t pass and Ron Paul is too stupid to understand why this would work, but it is what we need.

Unfortunately, I am sure the banks have a contract out on Kucinich by now.


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  1. …real or sacrosanct about money.  Money has value only as we assign value to it.  

    So lets decide to define money value in a sane, equitable, sustainable way.  The Kucinich plan is a great first step toward this.  Dennis is great, as are most of his ideas.  

  2. But Gawd praise Kucinich for trying.

    • Diane G on December 22, 2010 at 15:28

    the cretins of congress won’t support the obvious return to the Constitutional intent, they work for the BANKS, not the Govt.

    Ok the govt is the banks, perhaps I should say the common good of the citizenry.

  3. http://kucinich.house.gov/Uplo

    Unfortunately, as this is a pdf, I am not able to cut and past the important parts of the legislation.

    If someone else can, please do so.

  4. http://market-ticker.org/akcs-

    It must be the law!

    • RUKind on December 22, 2010 at 23:56

    Bloodless. And we lose yet another great progressive voice.

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