Using only the might Google put on the magic “They Live” spectacles and project the Seig Heilianisms in these terms.


Yeah, like “we” are not THE largest arms dealer.



Plus corporate is now taking up that duty of telling the dumbed down generation how to “dress for success”, as if that is ever going to happen!…

43 Pages worth of it!

Last up.  You know I don’t trust anything lamestream/mainstream and especially from this original source.…

Have a Merry “You gotta buy me something” Holiday.

“There is nothing for the Watkins,5 trays for the TL at 10532 and then three at 10627.  After that you have to switch for two trays of step downs.”

“Don’t think so, no rings, not fired yet.”

“Just in fucking time again.”

“Plus we’re beating the shit out of the equipment this way.”

“Oh, and you’re staying here the rest of the week while Dave goes down for training.”

“Yeehaw, then that means I get the next whole week?”

“Yup, at least as of today.  Too confusing switching days this way.”

“Yeah, I know, John forgets what he showed us.”

“Well tomorrow is headers all day.”

“Tell me about it, duh, built an CP and there ain’t no work order for it, had to take it apart cause there ain’t enough pins.”

“Was Bill down today?”

“I didn’t see him.”

“He is pissed, they gotta take the CM apart and rebuild it over the shutdown.”

Yup, it’s a real work conversation.