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One has wondered where all those ‘citizen kombat keyboarders’ have been this whole past decade! We know they certainly, nor their spin meisters, haven’t been demanding ‘Sacrifice’ by the Country, instead quite the opposite, their representatives as well.

We also know all the names and phrases used against any who didn’t walk in lockstep with their hollow words of support while they waved that flag of what they call ‘patriotism’, their definition of patriotism. Like this beck recently calling out Special Ops soldiers for god knows what twisted reason sits in that chubby head.

We also know this so called U.S. rage movement, heavily funded by political interests with their own 24/7 media outlet and the rest of the media going along with, and still touted as some sort of citizen power movement, called the TEA party never once demanded ‘Sacrifice’ and rarely mentioned the two conflicts before, during nor since the political campaigns, nor has their candidates. They’re still talking of privatizing the VA and us veterans expect to see rollbacks as well as a stop to forward direction, achieved the past four years, during the coming two years at least.

Decorated soldier is now a citizen

Just one of the thousands Who Have Served, always have been there, especially over the previous decade and are still serving!

‘Trouble child’ turned his life around in Army, serving three tours in war zones

Nick de la Torre Chronicle: Ahmad Moustafa Mahmoud smiles as he talks about his childhood and his experience in the Army during his naturalization ceremony Wednesday.

Dec. 16, 2010 – Ahmad Moustafa Mahmoud raised his right hand Wednesday morning and took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

The words echoed a similar oath Mahmoud took eight years ago, the day the Egyptian native and son of an imam became an American soldier.

He became an American citizen Wednesday along with 1,476 other immigrants from more than 100 countries during a naturalization ceremony at the M.O. Campbell Center on Aldine Bender Road.

Mahmoud wasn’t born here, but the 28-year-old decorated Army veteran said he’s long felt America was “definitely mine to defend.”

An executive order by President George W. Bush in 2002 allowed immigrants to apply for expedited citizenship after joining the armed forces.

Last fiscal year, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services naturalized 11,146 noncitizens serving in the military, more than any year since 1955. {continued}

Makes no difference what your thoughts have been as to these wars of choice, over this decade, or if they evolved from supporting to being against.

This is what this once non-citizen soldier, they come from all religions or no religion, are from many ethnic backrounds and human skin colors, up till yesterday, had to say while serving as a non-citizen through three tours in these combat theaters:

“You get up every morning and put on a uniform with a U.S. flag on your right shoulder and ‘U.S. Army’ on your chest,” he said. “You don’t really think, ‘Hey, I’m not a U.S. citizen.’ That’s the last thing on your mind.”

And now there is still no mention of ‘Sacrifice’ by the country! Billions, of our money were made {and still not being invested into the economy} just as to these conflicts, either directly or indirectly. And going through Congress is another Reward for those that reaped those Billions as well as no ‘Sacrifice’ from the rest of the country and no mention of the soldiers nor their families, the only ones asked to sacrifice over this past decade and still ongoing. And yet the few citizens and non-citizens still serve and sacrifice for a now broken country intent on destroying itself! We’ve already allowed the destruction of what our granparents and parents had worked so hard to build and left us. Once envied and thought highly of around this planet now no more, others are filling that void and rapidly.


    • jimstaro on December 16, 2010 at 13:44

    Please, if you know of a veteran of these two conflicts that was Stop Lossed, or a beneficiary of a soldier killed while Stop Lossed, that have not heard about or for whatever reason Not Applied for this pay out Pass This Information On!

    This weekend is the deadline for eligible servicemembers, veterans and their beneficiaries to apply for retroactive Stop-Loss Special Pay.

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