I am Assange

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In the film “Spartacus,” after the Romans crush the slave revolt, they attempt to locate the rebel leader. Their task is made difficult because each of the defeated captives in the rebel army declares that he is Spartacus. (The Roman response was to crucify them all.)

Today, Julian Assange is the head of a global movement for transparency and accountability that has challenged the secrecy that lies at the core of malevolent state-sponsored actions. He has been denounced as a “terrorist,” harassed by legal investigations, and slandered by the servile “reporters” of the world’s commercial press.

We are witnessing an extraordinary act of heroism as the few hundred individuals of Wikileaks confront the might of states and corporations accustomed to using deadly force to work their will in the world. All that protects these brave people is the technological robustness of the global Internet and the force of world opinion. Assange may be killed or imprisoned, but Wikileaks will not be silenced, because there will always be another honest and courageous person to sustain the flame of freedom that Wikileaks has lit. There will always be another Assange.

Each of us has a choice to make. We can cower in fear under the “protection” of local governments and continue to serve the interests of amoral corporations whose activities have become indistinguishable from those of corrupt governments, or we can side with freedom and defend courageous individuals like Assange.

I declare proudly, with millions of others, I am Assange!


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    • Diane G on December 5, 2010 at 20:33
    • rossl on December 5, 2010 at 21:05

    Now, if any of y’all have the requirements to help set up “mirror” wikileaks sites, do that:

    http://wikileaks.ch (the info is there)

  1. I am Assange!  

    I hope endlessly for his safety!


    Have you seen (posted earlier) the latest news on Wikileaks?

    In addition to Amazon having shutdown Wikileaks’ server, PayPal has closed out its donation site for Wikileaks:

    . . . . The elusive founder of the website WikiLeaks said he faced “hundreds of death threats.” The site hinged on the Swiss Pirate Party’s wikileaks.ch Web address, though the main server in France went offline, leaving the site reachable through a Swedish server.

    That site showed Assange had begun seeking donations to an account under his name through the Swiss postal system in Berne, the Swiss capital. He lost a major source of revenue when the online payment service provider PayPal cut off the WikiLeaks account over the weekend.

    PayPal, a subsidiary of U.S.-based online marketplace operator EBay Inc., said the WikiLeaks website, which specializes in disclosing confidential documents, was engaged in illegal activity. . . .

    and the latest from Reuters:

    Sat Dec 4, 1:18 pm ET

    LONDON (Reuters) – WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says he and his colleagues are taking steps to protect themselves after death threats following the publication of leaked U.S. diplomatic cables on their website.

    WikiLeaks moved its website address to the Swiss http://wikileaks.ch on Friday after two U.S. Internet providers ditched it and Paris tried to ban French servers from hosting its database of leaked information.

    Swedish authorities said missing information in the European arrest warrant for alleged sex crimes against Assange had been handed to British authorities.

    Here are some of the latest revelations in U.S. diplomatic cables leaked by WikiLeaks:


    – Iran told Gulf Arab states it was not a threat and wanted cooperation, in an apparent attempt to lower tensions after WikiLeaks revelations that Gulf Arab leaders are deeply anxious about its nuclear programme. . . . .

    • pfiore8 on December 5, 2010 at 23:22
  2. It is coming out now that the source of the leaks is one Private First Class Bradley Manning.  Think about that for just a second.  A private first class having access to and being able to save volumes of documents “supposedly important enough to be,,,,,ahem,,,,the 911 of US diplomatic relations.

    OK, 911 to the rest of the entire world was an INSIDE job to replace Islam as the military industrial complex enemy of choice in the absence of Russia and the Cold War.  That, and they happened to be sitting on the last remaining oil reserves/ancient cradle of civilization manuscripts and Larry Silverstein had an asbestos abatement problem.

    So, I might wanna be Assange except that I don’t buy lamestream commerical media’s promption of it for distraction purposes.

    • Xanthe on December 6, 2010 at 00:13
  3. I’m simply going to post later information, as an addendum to some of the “Wikileaks” diaries in session!

    How does this article hit you?  Does this strike anyone as a “dragnet” in progress?  

    WikiLeaks reveals sites critical to US security

    By SHARON THEIMER, Associated Press Sharon Theimer, Associated Press – 1 hr 29 mins ago

    WASHINGTON – In a disclosure of some of the most sensitive information revealed yet by WikiLeaks, the website has released a secret cable listing sites worldwide that the U.S. considers critical to its national security.

    The locations cited in the diplomatic cable from U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton range from undersea communications lines to suppliers of food, medicine and manufacturing materials.

    The Pentagon declined to comment Monday on the details of what it called “stolen” documents containing classified information. But a spokesman, Col. David Lapan, called the disclosure “damaging” and said it gives valuable information to the country’s adversaries.

    “This is one of many reasons why we believe Wikileaks’ actions are irresponsible and dangerous,” Lapan said. . . .

    Why Is the Government Waging a Doomed (and Illegal) War Against WikiLeaks?

    By Kevin Drum | Mother Jones

    Posted on Monday, December 6, 2010 @ 11:40 AM

    Clay Shirky is conflicted about WikiLeaks: he acknowledges that over the long haul human organizations of all kinds require a certain amount of secrecy, but he also thinks that the appearance of a guy like Julian Assange working to subvert a bureaucracy overly addicted to secrecy is occasionally a good thing. “The periodic appearance of such unconstrained actors in the short haul is essential to increased democratization, not just of politics but of thought.”

    But he’s not conflicted about how the United States ought to respond. If we pass a law criminalizing what WikiLeaks does, that’s one thing – even if he doesn’t like the law. But ignoring the law is quite another: . . . . .

    From Assange!  Let us hope and pray . . . . . !

    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange ‘will release poison pill of damaging secrets if killed or arrested’–Damaging documents thought to include details on BP, Guantanamo Bay

    06 Dec 2010

    The founder of WikiLeaks has warned that his supporters are primed to publish a ‘deluge’ of leaked government documents should his activities be curtailed by any country. Julian Assange has distributed to fellow hackers an encrypted ‘poison pill’ of damaging secrets, thought to include details on BP and Guantanamo Bay. He believes the file is his ‘insurance’ in case he is killed, arrested or the whistleblowing website is removed permanently from the internet . . . . .

    What the CIA . . . . then the light?

    Assange Accuser Worked with US-Funded, CIA-Tied Anti-Castro Group

    By Kirk James Murphy, M.D.

    04 Dec 2010

    [As reported by Israel Shamir and Paul Bennett in Counterpunch in September], Julian Assange’s chief accuser in Sweden has a significant history of work with anti-Castro groups, at least one of which is US funded and openly supported by a former CIA agent convicted in the mass murder of seventy three Cubans on an airliner he [Luis Posada Carilles] was involved in blowing up… Who is Julian Assange’s chief accuser in Sweden? She’s a gender equity officer at Uppsula University — who chose to associate with a US funded group openly supported by a convicted terrorist and mass murderer.  She just happens to have her work published by a very well funded group connected with Union Liberal Cubana — whose leader, Carlos Alberto Montaner, in turn just happened to pop up on right wing Colombian TV a few hours after the right-wing coup in Honduras. . . . .

    This is . . . .  ?

    Lebanese Newspaper Publishes U.S. Cables Not Found on WikiLeaks

    03 Dec 2010

    Nearly 200 previously unreported U.S. diplomatic cables were posted on Thursday to the website of Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar. The cables, from eight U.S. embassies across the Middle East and North Africa, have not appeared on Wikileaks’ official website or in the Western media outlets working with Wikileaks….

    A series from Beirut in 2008 shows Lebanese Defense Minister Elias al-Murr telling U.S. diplomats, in a message he implied they should pass on to Israeli officials, that the Lebanese military would not resist an Israeli invasion so long as the Israeli forces abided by certain conditions. Murr, apparently hoping that an Israeli invasion would destroy much of the Hezbollah insurgency and the communities in Lebanon’s south that support it, promised an Israeli invasion would go unchallenged as long as it did not pass certain physical boundaries and did not bomb Christian communities. . . . .

    Curiouser and curiouser!  

    BRAVO, Julian Assange, for digging into a rotten can of worms!!!  Stay safe!!!!


  4. Check this out (note grammatical error in title)!

    Assange’s may surrender to British police

    By SYLVIA HUI and JOHN HEILPRIN, Associated Press Sylvia Hui And John Heilprin, Associated Press

    12 mins ago

    LONDON – Julian Assange’s lawyer was arranging to deliver the WikiLeaks founder to British police for questioning in a sex-crimes investigation of the man who has angered Washington by spilling thousands of government secrets on the Internet.

    Lawyer Mark Stephens told reporters in London that the Metropolitan Police had called him to say they had received an arrest warrant from Sweden for Assange. Assange has been staying at an undisclosed location in Britain.

    “We are in the process of making arrangements to meet with police by consent,” Stephens said Monday, declining to say when Assange’s interview with police would take place. . . .

  5. I mean if a Peace Prize is won for the continuation and expansion of two useless wars then why can’t the controlled leak and non take down of a Penta-con super cyber non-warrior security not be another thorn is the side of globalist power control freaks globally.  Has corporate media stepped in their own horsemanure pile so to speak and we can run with it like the Europeans and their uprising against corporate greed and global domination.

    And true, I should have left out that stupid reference to some patsy private first class.  After all I don’t have my own op center, a think tank staff and real news about real stuff is almost impossible now.

  6. Julian is leading….

    Who Will Be TIME’s 2010 Person of the Year?

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