Ex-CIA Spook Calls For “Covert Action” vs. Assange

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Two writers with close ties to U.S. intelligence agencies published a shocking article Dec. 22nd in The Miami Herald asserting that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is “a narcissistic nut” with “blood on his hands” and President Obama should do “whatever it takes to shut down WikiLeaks.” Without giving a single example of how Assange’s disclosures caused blood to flow, co-authors Thomas Spencer and F. W. Rustmann warn, “No nation can operate without secrets. Unless we adopt an aggressive plan, adopt new tough laws and take immediate action—overt and covert—we face disaster.” The authors go on to state the president should be joined in this suppression of the press by “Congress and our entire intelligence, military and law-enforcement communities” because “(our) lives are depending” on it.

While the above is vaguely worded it does appear that Spencer and Rustmann are calling for “immediate” and “covert” action—to put a stop to Assange’s activities. In short, they appear to be saying Obama & Co. has the right to terminate Assange covertly, that is to say, secretly, and, as the word has come to mean in CIA parlance, “violently” as well. It is no surprise that two writers closely tied to U.S. spy agencies appear to be advocating covert action against Assange, but it is a bit of a shock that the Miami Herald would publish this seeming call for blood.

Pardon me for suspecting this hysterical screech for Assange’s scalp was published with the blessing of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Rustmann spent 24 years as a CIA payroller and was an instructor in its covert training center, so he would know, if anybody, how to stick Assange’s feet into a block of cement and dump him in the Everglades. (Hollywood might even make a movie about it, with Rustmann’s intoning, “He sleeps with the alligators.”) As for Herald co-author Spencer, he is a lawyer who represents intelligence officers and is a Life Member in the Association of Former Intelligence Officers.

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    • Edger on December 27, 2010 at 03:20

    The PTB are running scared.

    On the first day of Wikileaks, my government gave to me: the military in every embassy


    On the twenty-fifth day of Wikileaks, my government gave to me: killing the messenger.

    And 99.25% of the cables were yet to be released.

    — by David Swanson, December 25, 2010

  1. David Atlee Phillips, a prime suspect in the assassination of JFK

    As for Herald co-author Spencer, he is a lawyer who represents intelligence officers and is a Life Member in the Association of Former Intelligence Officers


    David Atlee Phillips, who was the staion chief in Mexico City in 1963 when Lee harvey Oswald supposedly visited there a few months before the assassination of JFK.

    He has quite an interesting history:


    According to Larry Hancock, the author of Someone Would Have Talked, just before his death Phillips told Kevin Walsh, an investigator with the House Select Committee on Assassinations: “My final take on the assassination is there was a conspiracy, likely including American intelligence officers.”

  2. and Florida is getting some sort of crazy Republican governor, Rick Scott, coming in who bears an uncanny resemblance to the Harry Potter’s Lord Voldemont and you’re surprised this is getting published in Miami ?

    These series of inaugural bashes are being paid for by dozens of $25,000 checks from many of the special interests who will have business with the governor and the Republican-led Legislature in the months to come.

    “There is much to celebrate with the election of Rick Scott, including an aggressive jobs plan to turn Florida’s economy around,” said former U.S. Ambassador Francis Rooney and the chairman of the 2011 inaugural committee. “We are grateful to our donors for their support and for the opportunity to present so many great free events at no cost to the taxpayers.”


    cha- ching ! cha – ching! $$$$  Yeah, I bet there will be an “aggressive jobs program.”  (insert eye roll icon )   Voldemort – guy best known for Medicare fraud and past company having to pay a huge fine…

    this is a good comment response:

    The author is confusing the wellbeing of the American republic with the wellbeing of the security state which purports to act on our behalf. The two are not the same.

    Freedom of the press in enshrined in the First Amendment. What is the internet today if not the press of our generation? WikiLeaks is a modern, raw version of investigative journalism, and WikiLeaks is entitled to the full constitutional protections due any journalistic organization.

    This is not espionage. The recipients of these leaked facts are not foreign governments, but rather the people of this country who have every right to know if crimes and ethical breaches are being committed in their name.

    Thanks to WikiLeaks we now know: that our ‘so called’ ally Saudi Arabia is still the major funder of Al Qaeda; that the Bush Administration sought to punish European countries for not allowing Monsanto to flood their continent with genetically modified crops; that U.S contractors were providing under-aged boys as prostitutes for Afghan officials and that the state department only sought to cover it up and did nothing to hold the pimps accountable for child sex traficing; we know that in spite of the rosy images the president is giving us, the war in Afghanistan is lost; that the CIA see it as a self-appointed ‘ministry of propaganda’ and that its job is to mold public opinion and convince the people of our nation and our allies to stay at war when there is no logical reason to remain at war and nothing to be gained. And much more…  

    What do any of those crimes and ethical breaches have to do with our national security, except for the fact that they all violate our laws and act counter to the interests of our nation? That is why they are keep secret — not to protect us, but to protect the morons and criminals making these decisions.

    In accordance with the principles set down in Nuremberg, witnesses to war crimes have not only the right to bring the incidents to light, they have a legal obligation to do so. We should all be asking ourselves what our country is coming to when our government is actively and vengefully trying hide crimes and mistakes that we have a right to know about.

    When truth is treason, America is in big big trouble.

    We’ve (rather, the Govt. of the US) has been in bed for quite a while now with the Israeli, Jordanian, and Pakistani intelligence services and every time the CIA screws up we end up with a “surge” or invading yet another country.  (Recall that the King of Jordan said pre Iraq war something to the effect of “not – a- good – idea – may – want – to -reconsider” which the US ignored anyway. )

    We are becoming accepting of a government like the Russians past, where the primary purpose is to either snoop on you, or encourage you to snoop on somebody else, for maybe not liking the government’s snooping on you.  

  3. No tactical troop locations/deployments, no arms deals,no agent names just international dirty laundry which is common knowledge.  All to justify the TSA of the internet.

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