Charles Blow

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Whose party is it?


  1. … as a stage name ?

    The 111th congress of 2009 – 2011 does not implement liberal policy but instead goes to triangulating and gives us Repuke – lite.  The Dems then kick them (blue dogs and dixiecrats)  out, or let the Republicans take them out.  Therefore, Blow taunts them,  the Dems must hate liberals.

    No, they hate “progs” or “progressives” whom have come to be associated with talk out of both sides of their mouths, take the big money, and screw over the voters wing of the party. Now, post election, many of them are trying to pass themselves off as Democrats again, which is another big, fat, ugly joke.

    Think about all those protesting old people on Medicare in denial they are getting fed socialized healthcare and they’ll kill for it while the Tea Party leads them along in Koch slogans.  So what do the progressives do.  Make sure nobody else ever gets a chance for a Medicare buy – in.  Sticks it over to them, but good.

    Yeah, sure, America hates liberalism and social welfare programs and entitlements.  So long, Charlie.  Go running back to the Krauthammer Klub Komplex now.  

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