Babur the Beaver Captures Kabul

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In AD 1504 Babur the Beaver crossed the Hindu Kush and captured Kabul!

But the gigantic mountain range which later bequeathed its name to some of the world’s finest pot is totally impossible to cross almost everywhere!

The Hindu Kush

So Babur the Beaver probably crossed the Hindu Kush through the Wakhan Corridor, which connects Northeastern Afghanistan to China.

Wakhan Corridor
The Wakhan Corridor

Babur the Beaver had to pass through the Wakhan Corridor and Kabul on his way to conquer India and establish the Mughal Empire, and since Babur was a direct descendant of Genghis Khan, I guess you might say that conquests and empires were in his blood, and in that context it makes a certain amount of sense for Babur to show up in Kabul, and likewise with his apparently genetic destiny as a psycho killer, which Babur the Beaver manifested by building pyramids out of thousands of severed heads, as he faithfully reported in his autobiography, the Babur-Nama (Memoirs of Babur).



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  1. You do have a strange and wondrous mind, Jacob Freeze.  ;o)

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