Assange lawyer says US spying indictment imminent

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RawStory today…

Update: Assange attorney says he’s not been allowed to meet with his client

London lawyer, Mark Stephens, told Voice of Russia, the Russian government’s international radio broadcasting service, that British officials will not allow him to meet with Julian Assange until the day before a Dec. 14 court hearing.

“The one thing that is slightly frustrating is that we have another court hearing on December 14 and I’ve not been permitted a legal visit until December 13, which, of course, gives me less than 24 hours to prepare his case,” Stephens said.

Second update: Glenn Greenwald notes that if the Department of Justice is successful in prosecuting Assange, it will be the first time a non-government employee is convicted under the Espionage Act.


This video is from ABC’s Good Morning America, broadcast Dec. 10, 2010.

More details in the RawStory report…


    • Edger on December 10, 2010 at 21:00

    The United States of Iran?

    The Christian Republic of America?

    Takin’ It To The Streets

  1. once again. These proceedings will be wrapped in a silk and diamond sheath, waved above the flag of empire with trumpets calling for revenge. This will be about ANYONE who dares penetrate state secrets. This is about the modern nation state movement, only about 150 years old and its inviolability. It is about the reassertion of wealth and power in international politics. Socrates chose the hemlock rather than bow before Mount Olympus. Oh, the power of mythology in the hands of the ruling elite. The wine, jewels, silks, flesh and intrigues are just too seductive, and the masks can never be taken off. The peasants shall not ever see their rulers naked or fornicating. Their eyes will be gouged out. And to avoid the latent but always possible threat of peasant uprisings, they will be taught right from wrong and entertained with all assortment of distractions. Here we go again, reenacting the same old dramas of old but with different props.

  2. the place which promotes the wearechange 911 crowd.


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