An Azeri Folk Life Carpet from Nuristan

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Azeri Folk Life Carpet
Azeri Folk Life carpet from Nuristan Province, Afghanistan

The Turkmen who came out of Central Asia into Persia and the Ottoman Empire were Oghuz and now their descendents speak a dialect of Northern or Southern Azeri.

The Kizil Ajak are considered to be one of the identifiable component tribes of the old Ersari Confederation. The Kizil Ajak are one of the Turkmen tribes in Northern Afghanistan that was south of the Russian market influence in the 19th century and consequently have a distinctly different look.

Cows, ducks, goats, pheasants, chickens, walnut and almond orchards, oak and mulberry groves…

This is the fabric of life for most of Afghanistan, but for American “nation-builders” the infinite spectrum of Afghan folkways and tribal allegiances transplanted from all over Southwest Asia and the Middle East is nothing but an impediment in the course of cultural, social, and economic development which inevitably culminates in global capitalism and our own shit-culture.



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  1. You made me thing of how Ghandi, one of the touted heros of left thought actually lost his country to the burger king image of western capitalism.  It’s like when we find these primitive tribes deep in the Amazon woods and the mere contact with us fucks them all up.

  2. to be destroyed.

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