A New Third Party. Kucinich: It’s Time!

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I received a letter from Dennis Kucinich today.  Dennis reported that the recent census resulted in the need for Ohio to eliminate 2 Congressional districts.  Guess which ones?  

Dennis states:

The New York Times, Newsweek, and Fox News have all recently headlined stories that I may lose my Congressional seat, not through an election, but through redistricting!

Because of this attack on his district, Kucinich has sent out this letter to ask for the suggestions of “We the People” about what he/we should do about this.  I wrote a letter to him suggesting that we form a new, progressive party of the well known politicians who have either been driven out of office or who are feeling incredibly frustrated with the impossibility of accomplishing anything meaningful.

This new third party might be called the “People’s Progressive Party.”

Both Kucinich’s letter and mine are below:

From Dennis: My Congressional District May Be Eliminated

Dear Friend,

The New York Times, Newsweek, and Fox News have all recently headlined stories that I may lose my Congressional seat, not through an election, but through redistricting!

Due to the new census figures, Ohio will lose two seats in Congress. The Ohio Legislature (Republican) will redraw the map with 16 instead of 18 districts for the 2012 Election. Speculation nationally, and more importantly, in Ohio is that my district may be eliminated, absorbed into parts of other districts. Keep in mind, given the early Ohio primary, the filing deadline could be only a year away.

You have helped to make possible my presence in the Congress through seven terms, and carried me through some hotly contested elections. I am very grateful for your continued support. I am also very grateful to the people of Ohio’s 10th District for the privilege of serving.

Yet, in light of the strong chance that my district may be eliminated, my continued presence in Congress, to work for everything we care about, will obviously call for a much different strategy. I will not wait until a new Ohio map is produced to begin this crucial discussion of the consequences of congressional redistricting. I will not wait until the Ohio Legislature produces a new map to start thinking of the options. The question will not be: Who is my opponent? The question will be: Where is my district? Seriously.

We are going to have to prepare for a different kind of election, possibly in a different place because my district may be eliminated. We are going to have to organize in a different way, now. The question will remain: Where?

This discussion is consequential. Please participate by providing your insight and advice [email protected]

I will be in contact with you.

Facing the New Year with the usual unsinkable optimism, and wishing you the best New Year ever, I am, yours,

[signature] Dennis

My letter suggesting forming a third party out of disenfranchised, frustrated, yet well-known progressives is next:

Crucial Discussion: Consequences of Redistricting:

Dear Dennis,

Please pardon the informal salutation.  I only want to emphasize that I think of you as a trusted, loyal friend.  This is because you have proven yourself to be a friend to the real, progressive values and institutions of this country, values and institutions which are being ruthlessly stripped away by those who think only or mostly of themselves.  We must fight against these regressive forces before we lose our country totally.

That said, I want to suggest that we must build a place for the disenfranchised progressive politicians who are under constant attack from some controlling monied elites.  I believe it is a good time to form a new, third party composed of these politicians.  I think of people like you, Russ Feingold, Alan Grayson, Bernie Sanders, Ralph Ellison, Barbara Lee, Sherrod Brown, Al Franken, Barbara Boxer, etc.  It is a long list, and you will know the names better than I.

With the clout of well-known names who are respected and admired by real democrats nationwide, I think there is a good chance of stirring up the national support of frustrated progressives, the poor, middle class, and those of the monied elites who have true principles and are worried about the direction our country is headed.

How about the “By, For, and Of the People Party,” or just plain “People’s Progressive Party.”  But the name is not important right now.  What is important is restoring our nation to it’s principles.  I am very serious about this proposal.  I hope you will consider it and decide to work for it.



Okay, give some feedback both here and to Dennis!  We ask so often: what can we do?  What can be done?  Well, now’s our chance.  Let’s come up with some suggestions about what to do with this mess.  Obviously, I like this idea of forming a new party out of the disgruntled, disenfranchised, frustrated politicians and whomever else wants to join in.

This seems like our best chance for a counter to the dum-dum steam-rolling of the Tea Party at this point.


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  1. …to take our country back, and for Dennis for asking.

  2. …everybody likes a raise!

    • RUKind on December 30, 2010 at 00:16

    Get residency. You’ll be a natural fit. We’ll get Barney to take out Scott Brown. Shouldn’t be hard. Plus in the MA delegation you’ll be surrounded by like minds and consciences.

    We’d love to have you.

  3. …writing in the raw, and soon at Wild Wild Left.

  4. The only three left which have not been replaced by the “evil reptillian aliens”.

    • Noor B on December 30, 2010 at 22:34

    I don’t know that Kucinich would go for it, but I hope he at least entertains the notion.  The problem is that he would instantly lose seniority and any chance at a position of influence on the House Committee for Oversight and Government Reform.  I don’t remember which subcommittee he’s on, but he was its chair.  Being the ranking member of the minority is no small thing.  It gives him a platform from which to propound his views, and it is that important.  Do I think he’s a good fit for the Democratic party?  No, I do not.  Dennis is far more in the Bernie Sanders mold.

    I want to see the Republic/Democratic duopoly broken as much as you.  We have a Green party that could be strengthened and made into a viable alternative.  It is, however, an open question as to whether or not it can be transformed into a major political force in this country.  I think it could.  The confluence of political sleaze, big-interest money, the economic tarpit and major environmental challenges means we need a party capable of revisioning the world.  But for that to happen, they have to be taken seriously by all the low-info voters out there.  And that’s where the sticking point is, because I seriously doubt that that last will happen.

  5. there’s the socialists, the greens, and others already.

    Joining up with Bernie Sanders somehow is a good idea I think.  

    • rossl on December 31, 2010 at 17:22

    saying that he should join the Greens.  I’d be ecstatic if he formed a new party, as well, but I do like the Greens a lot, I agree with their worldview and subscribe to ecological politics, and I’ll probably register with them once I’m 18.  

  6. NAG!  Yep, that’s me!

    How many of you have sent a “Dear Afghanistan” e-mail, Skype message, etc.???????


    TO ALL!


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